‘We Want To Thank Everyone For Their Kind Wishes’: Donnie Brasco Star Anne Heche in Critical Condition, Her Rep Confirms She Chose to ‘Donate Her Organs’ if She Doesn’t Survive

On August 5, actress Anne Heche smashed her car into a house in the Mar Vista area, west of Los Angeles. According to the rep of the actress, she is facing a grim prognosis after suffering a catastrophic brain injury.

She has been in a coma after the accident and has suffered a severe anoxic brain injury. He also said that the actress is not expected to survive.

Anne Heche
Anne Heche

Anne Heche in Critical Condition

Amid the accident, LAPD has said that they will test if the actress was under the influence of alcohol or not. The blood test came in positive for narcotics. Seeing the effects of the accident no one believed that the driver of the car would survive the crash but Heche made it out of the accident alive.

Anne Heche is also under investigation for a misdemeanor, DUI, and a hit and run case. The LAPD also said that a warrant for a blood draw on Anne Heche was also obtained on Friday. 

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She was taken to the UCLA Medical Center and was moved to the Grossman Burn Center later as the injuries are much worse. Heche’s rep said that the actress is in critical condition and is in a coma. She also has burns that require surgical intervention. 

According to the doctors, Anne Heche has two very significant, serious, life-threatening injuries. The doctor also said that the actress is battling severe burns and smoke in her lungs. 

Anne Heche is Lucky to be Alive
Anne Heche

Heche may not Survive: Rep

Taking in the critical condition, the chances of survival for the actress are very low. Her representative also said that the actress has always wanted to donate her organs and now that she is on life support to see if any are viable. 

He also thanked and expressed his gratitude to everyone praying, and for their kind wishes for the actress. Heche has not gained consciousness after crashing her car into a house which destroyed the home and left her in a critical condition. 

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Thomas Jane and Anne Heche
Thomas Jane and Anne Heche

“We want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers for Anne’s recovery and thank the dedicated staff and wonderful nurses that cared for Anne at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills hospital,” the statement continues.

Earlier to the accident the actress reportedly visited a saloon and bought a wig. No one knows any other events that took place after that and before the accident happened. It is believed that she has had some drinking issues for some time. While appearing on a few talk shows and radio shows she mentioned having something to drink every time.

She was involved in several projects in recent months. The actress worked in the psychological thriller, The Vanished directed by Peter Facinelli for Netflix, and the tornado thriller 13 Minutes.

Source: People

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