‘We will forever be grateful for what you did for Johnny’: Johnny Depp Fans Take a Knee after Music Legend Jeff Beck Passes Away

It’s very sad news for the music world which is mourning the loss of The Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck. Rock guitarist and performer Jeff Beck died on Tuesday at the age of 78. The Jeff Beck Group was founded by him. His family announced the news on his official social media accounts, informing his fans, friends, and followers as well. According to the statement, Jeff Beck passed away as a result of bacterial meningitis. The legendary guitarist’s first hit came in 1967 with the instrumental song Beck’s Bolero. The song also included Led Zeppelin members John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page. He only stayed with the Yardbirds for a single season. According to the statement posted on Beck’s social media page, his family “asks for privacy as they deal with this tremendous loss.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck
Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck

Johnny Depp and his fans have added to the long list of tributes to Beck. Fans are pouring out their heartfelt salutes to one of the greatest guitarists ever born in the music world. Fans even thanked the late Beck for all the support he gave to Johnny Depp. Their heartfelt messages revealed how shocked they were by his unexpected death. 

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Johnny Depp’s fans mourned for the late Jeff Beck 

Fans of American actor Johnny Depp are in mourning over the passing of Depp’s longtime friend and business partner, Jeff Beck. According to a source close to the 59-year-old star, who was with Beck just before his passing along with a few other rock stars, he is “totally devastated” by his death. Depp and Beck had always been popular together, and their friendship had grown even closer over the course of their several tours. Jeff Beck, who worked with Depp, passed away at the age of 78, and his fans are in mourning. 

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp

Depp and Jeff Beck had been close for a very long time, and this past year was all about their friendship and strong bond. Their fans always support them together. Many of Depp’s fans have flocked to Twitter to share their admiration for Beck’s artistry, his kind support for Depp, and his enduring musical legacy. One of the fans wrote, “We will forever be grateful for what you did for Johnny.

Beck won seven Grammys for his instrumental songs during the course of his fantastic musical career. He also received an eighth Grammy for his contributions to Herbie Hancock’s The Imagine Project in 2009.

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Johnny Depp’s tribute to longtime friend Jeff Beck’s death 

According to sources, Johnny Depp was devastated to learn of the star’s passing; he has spoken of how the guitarist supported him along the way. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, 59, “was by Jeff’s bedside” with “some other rock stars” before the English guitarist passed away on Tuesday at the age of 78, a source tells PEOPLE. Depp and Beck frequently worked together and became friends over their shared love of music. The pair popularly known as ‘musical soulmates,’ released an album together last year, called 18. Additionally, Depp and Jeff Beck made a music video for the song This Is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr.  

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck
The two recently dropped an album titled, 18

His family announced Jeff Beck’s passing on January 11 via his Twitter account. Several public figures, including Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Joe Perry, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Brian May, Gene Simmons, and Paul Stanley, paid tribute to the deceased.

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