“We will get you another nugget”: Harry Styles Hilariously Reacts To Rowdy Fan Throwing Stale Chicken Nuggets At Him To Draw Attention Despite Singer Turned Actor Being Vegetarian

Harry Styles is an English songwriter, singer, and recently turned actor. The singer first gained notoriety when he performed with the boy band One Direction. The band enjoyed significant popularity from 2010 to 2016 before taking an indefinite break. After the hiatus, Harry Styles’ 2017 solo debut album was a successful release. He also recently made headlines for his performance in Don’t Worry Darling starring alongside Florence Pugh. The singer was recently performing at a venue when a few chicken nuggets came flying toward him.

Harry Style was pelted with stale chicken nuggets

Harry Styles

By throwing food toward the singer, a Harry Styles fan was able to get the singer’s attention in an unusual manner. The 28-year-old celebrity was interrupted while performing onstage as part of his month-long engagement at Madison Square Garden in New York by a couple of stale chicken nuggets. The artist, who lives on a plant-based diet, jokingly stopped the concert to address the bizarre situation. The concertgoer’s “quite creative approach” was even praised by Harry Styles, but the crowd’s cries for him to eat the nugget were ignored.

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The singer responds hilariously to the incident

Harry Styles is a darling for real
Harry Styles

Harry Styles laughingly said “I don’t eat chicken,” and then tossed the first chicken nugget piece into the audience. Then he took the second nugget and inspected it while mentioning to the crowd that it looked pretty stale. “First of all, this is cold, and I’m assuming very old…” he had announced. The singer complied with the fan’s request to return the offensive food to the group, but he adjured them not to consume it for dietary reasons. “Don’t eat it! Don’t go looking for it — we’ll get you another nugget, okay? Fear not.” was the celeb’s response to it all. The singer handled the situation really well and the crowd loved him for it.

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Harry Styles’ upcoming concerts

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Harry Styles is currently putting up 15 performances as part of a residency that he is hosting at Madison Square Garden, New York. The nugget-pelting took place on the fifth day of his performances. The remaining events take place between September 1 and September 21. After that, the Love On Tour will make more stops across the country, including Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles. He will then travel abroad and have shows in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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