“We will never forget you. Come back soon”: Jennifer Lopez Breaking Up With Alex Rodriguez Haunted Former Yankees Legend After Latin Pop-Star Started Dating Ben Affleck as Arch-Rivals Boston Red Sox Put Up Cheeky Message to Embarrass A-Rod After Split

The split between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez was big news for fans back in 2021. The pair was one of the most loved and adored couples. JLo and A-Rod had been engaged to be married. However, after allegations of infidelity from Rodriguez’s side, cracks in their relationship started appearing. The two ended up breaking off the engagement after four years of being together.

The former MLB (Major Baseball League) player was apparently taken a dig at by his former team’s rival. Boston Red Sox, a big rival of the New York Yankees re-shared a video of their mascot kissing JLo during a game. This happened around the same time Lopez and A-rod parted with each other. Therefore it was highly convenient to not take it as a slight dig by the Red Sox team.

Did the Boston Red Sox Make Fun of Former New York Yankee Member A-Rod?

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez

In 2019, before his split with Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez brought her along with him to an MLB game. A-rod retired as a professional baseball player in 2016. The former MLB player returned as a broadcaster and an analyst for the game. He also brought along his then-fiancee Lopez to the 2019 game. A video surfaced where the Boston Red Sox team’s mascot ‘Wally the Green Monster’ was placing a kiss on JLo’s cheeks.

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The Boston Red Sox is considered the arch-rival of A-rod’s former team New York Yankees. Red Sox is known to give cut-throat competition to the Yankees. Unfortunately, after JLo and A-rod’s split, the Ain’t Your Mama singer is now with Ben Affleck. The Argo actor is himself a big baseball fan. And out of all the MLB teams, he is a Red Sox team fan. Around the time Rodriguez parted with Lopez in 2021, the previous year’s video resurfaced to haunt the former MLB player. The official Boston Red Sox TikTok account posted the video with the caption,

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

“To the girl on the Monster for Sunday Night Baseball in 2019. We will never forget you. Come back soon. We miss you.” 

This was too much of a coincidence and therefore it was likely that the rival team was low-key dissing Rodriguez.

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had a good 4 years of relationship before splitting in 2021. The two had met way back in 2005 during a baseball game. However, for more than a decade nothing happened between them. And in 2017, they were reported to be dating each other. The pair was one of the most loved celebrity couples. They got engaged in 2019. However, rumors of A-rod’s cheating started to surface, and finally, they broke off their engagement after two years.

Despite everything, the two parted without any ill feelings. Although Rodriguez was hoping for a reconciliation, Lopez was already getting close to Ben Affleck once again. Soon the former baseball player came to terms with the split according to Entertainment Tonight.

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