Wednesday Star Christina Ricci Allegedly Falsely Called Child Protective Services on Ex-Husband, Took Advantage of the Law Being Biased Against Men To Win Custody Battle

Former child star and Hollywood actress Christina Ricci is currently embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband James Heerdegen. The couple, who settled their divorce in December 2022, have been fighting in court for months over custody of their 8-year-old son. Recently, Heerdegen lost overnight visiting privileges, after Ricci submitted a text message as evidence of Heerdegen’s alleged psychological abuse towards their child.

Christina Ricci net worth as her ex demands spousal support
Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen

Heerdegen has now gone back to court, demanding more custody and accusing Ricci of calling Child Protective Services on him. The ongoing feud between Ricci and Heerdegen has led to accusations and counter-accusations being made in court.

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The Allegations and The Court’s Decision

According to court documents, Ricci has accused Heerdegen of failing to abide by the necessary care that their child needs. The actress claims that Heerdegen has psychologically abused their son and needs to enroll in a parenting class to be able to regain custody time. In court, Ricci submitted a text message that Heerdegen had sent her, which she claims is part of his intimidation game. The text message reportedly read,

Hi – Put it through your lawyers. I received notice today of another abusive attempt at an ex-parte. Fortunately, I had already taken action, and I’ll be in court tomorrow.

Heerdegen, on the other hand, has accused Ricci of calling Child Protective Services on him. He claims that Ricci and their child’s therapist attempted to have child protective services open a case against him with the claims they submitted to the court. Heerdegen alleges that Ricci is motivated by anger and that she has refused to attend any kind of co-parenting counseling with him.

Christina Ricci Enjoys A Family Day Out With Her Hubby And Son

After Ricci submitted the text message as evidence, the court decided that as of January 6th, Heerdegen lost the privilege of his overnight visit. The judge also ordered both Ricci and Heerdegen to enroll in parenting classes. However, Heerdegen has now gone back to court, demanding more custody and accusing Ricci of calling Child Protective Services on him.

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 The Bitter Custody Battle

The bitter custody battle between Ricci and Heerdegen has been ongoing for months. Ricci and Heerdegen settled their divorce in December, agreeing to share joint legal custody with Ricci having most of the physical custody.

Christina Ricci Is a Married Woman Now
Christina Ricci and her Ex husband

However, weeks later, Ricci was back in court, demanding her ex’s custody be stripped. Ricci has previously told the court that Heerdegen “cannot be trusted to tell this Court the truth about anything.” She has accused him of being an angry, vindictive person who will only seek to blame others for his problems.

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Source: RadarOnline


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