“We’ve seen what happens to people who talk about predators”: Katherine Ryan Fears For Her Career, Doesn’t Want to Name Hollywood’s S*xual Predator After Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Fiasco

Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan has claimed that a well-known TV personality is a s*xual predator. She said a specific British TV personality is a “perpetrator of s*xual assault” and she even confronted the person in a group of people. However, she has not publicly named the person as she was not a victim herself, and fears that the person might come after her career. She says it’s not her story to tell and hopes that the person gets called out in the future. She claimed that the person has very good lawyers and that explains why she has preferred to not name the person publicly.

Katherine Ryan has accused a British TV personality of being a s*xual predator

Katherine Ryan and Louis Theroux
Katherine Ryan told Louis Theroux about the person

Comedian Katherine Ryan appeared on the latest episode of Louis Theroux’s Interviews… series and talked about a British TV personality being a s*xual predator. She said the person’s alleged unacceptable behavior remains an “open secret” in the industry. She said,

“I’m happy to have it, but it’s a litigious minefield because lots of people have tried to nail this person down for their alleged crimes and this person has very good lawyers, so am I going to put my mortgage on the line by saying who this person is or entering into any conversations like that?”

The comedian added that she wasn’t a victim herself, however, the person has been accused of inappropriate behavior by many people.

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Why didn’t she call the person out?

Katherine Ryan
Comedian Katherine Ryan

The comedian started the conversation by saying that it is very dangerous for them to have this conversation. She explained that it is not her story to tell and the person in question has very good lawyers. She said,

“It’s not really my story to tell. No one has perpetrated any sexual assault against me, but this person, I believe very strongly – many people believe very strongly – is an open secret, is a perpetrator of sexual assault.”

It seems like she is trying to keep her career safe by not naming the person. “We’ve seen what happens to people who talk about alleged predators,” she said.

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Katherine Ryan even confronted the person

Katherine Ryan
Katherine Ryan

In the interview, the comedian revealed that she confronted the person during her show “Backstage With Katherine Ryan” earlier this year. She said,

“I called him a predator to his face and in front of everyone that day. What am I supposed to do? It’s such a messy thing because I don’t have proof. What, am I not supposed to feed my children because of someone else?”

The comedian does not have proof of the person’s wrongdoings but hopes that they get exposed for their behavior very soon.

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Source: Glamour Magazine

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