‘What a disgusting chick’: Fans Slam Amber Heard Singing Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ after Shamelessly Extorting $7M Divorce Money Out of Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has gained more foes than supporters after she claimed to be a domestic abuse victim and blamed her former husband Johnny Depp for the abuse she allegedly suffered. Her allegations led to a long legal battle that unveiled many chapters on both ends with the latter having a victory over the defamation case held last year.

Amber Heard
American actress, Amber Heard

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Even after losing the trial, the infamous actress continued to stay active publicly stating that the verdict did not happen on the right terms. Now that the duo’s bad legal history has eventually come to an end, an old video resurfaced on the social media platform in which the actress was enjoying Sorry!

Was Amber Heard Apologizing for Her Actions?

Amber Heard
Snap of Amber Heard in a defamation trial in 2022 against ex-husband, Johnny Depp

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The 36-year-old actress, Amber Heard filed for divorce from her then-husband, Johnny Depp in 2016. What initially was just divorce news soon turned into a bombshell publicized scandal when court documents filed by the former stated the domestic abuse she suffered from when they were married. The duo finalized their divorce in 2017 with the latter agreeing to pay his ex-wife $7M as a divorce settlement.

The infamous actress pledged to donate the entire settlement fortune she received to charity, the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU), and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Even though she received the full money, she reportedly never donated it to charity.

When the actress was granted $7M, she shared a clip of herself where she was seen singing Sorry song by singer, Justin Bieber. Her sister, Whitney Heard was also seen enjoying the same music.

Check out the video here.

Though the original video was removed, it got viral at the time due to the precise timing of its existence. The video received major backlash from fans as she extorted a major sum from her former husband which many opinionated was wrong on her part.

Amber Heard’s Sorry Received Major Backlash from The Fans

Amber Heard
The 36-year-old actress, Amber Heard

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The clip received negative feedback from the fans as the mother of one was spotted enjoying the song which was clearly about having regret for doing something wrong. Though the song could be just nothing, the situation at the time was very much serious. That lead to major criticism delivered by the fans of the infamous star.

A user commented on the video,

“She put this out on February 24th 2017. With it she wrote “SORRY NOT SORRY”. They were so happy to lie and try to take from Johnny, instead of standing on their own two feet.”

Another commented, “Bet your sorry now lmfaoooooooooooo!!!” A third user added, “Regardless typical stupid way to act Amber.”

A fourth one commented, KARMA IS A SEVERE B**CH GLAD SIR JOHNNY DEPP GOT JUSTICE SERVED” referring to the defamation trial she lost last year. 

Depp had a major win last year against his ex-wife. The defamation trial was based on the 2018 Washington Post she wrote stating herself as a victim of a domestic abuse victim. It finally ended when Heard settled with him with her insurance company agreeing to pay Depp $1 million.

Source: AmberHeardBr Youtube

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