‘What a true queen’: Fans Hail Camille Vasquez After Johnny Depp Lawyer Reportedly Refused To Work For Kanye West Unless He Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Comments

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney, and Kanye West ended their working relationship almost as quickly as it began. It is no secret that Kanye West has been in the spotlight for his conflicting views and controversial statements regarding sensitive issues such as the ‘White Lives Matter‘ fashion show, anti-semitic remarks, George Floyd’s death reasons, and other matters that will require legal action.

In a recent report, Kanye West hired Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s lawyer Camille Vasquez to handle his business interests. Still, in response to Kanye West’s antisemitic rhetoric, the lawyer dropped him. Upon the rapper escalating his anti-Semitic remarks over the weekend, Johnny Depp’s attorney informed the firm, Brown Rudnick, that she was no longer working with Kanye West.

Camille Vasquez
Camille Vasquez

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Camille Vasquez Refuses To Work For Kanye West 

According to TMZ reports, less than a week after being hired by the billionaire rapper, Camille Vasquez informed her firm, Brown Rudnick, that she would not represent Kanye West until he retracted his anti-semitic statements. However, according to the sources, despite the well-respected lawyer’s stance, her firm is still open to working with him if he publicly retracts his statements.

Camille Vasquez
Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez

West hired Vasquez and the firm last week to handle his business matters, TMZ reported. However, the law group did not take Kim Kardashian’s divorce proceedings.

In a press conference held outside North’s basketball game on Friday night, West refused to back down, saying,

I want to talk about the Jewish comment; it’s actually proven the exact point that I made.” But, he continued, “It’s going to take all of us to come together. We gotta get the truth before we can get the love; if not, we love the lies.”

The “Power” rapper was reportedly fired after the firm held him to an apology condition. However, it wasn’t just Vasquez who dropped West. CAA dropped West on Monday, and Balenciaga also halted its partnership with the rapper.

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Camille Vasquez’s Decision Over Kanye West: Fans Reactions

Kanye West
Kanye West

As an apologist for white supremacy, Kanye West has a long history. FBI statistics indicate that white supremacists in the United States pose the greatest threat. Formerly, West described Jewish people as “tropes like greed and control” and much more.

Also, West said on Piers Morgan Uncensored, “he was sorry for the people I hurt with the DEFCON [comment] – the confusion I caused. I feel like I caused hurt and confusion.”

Did he apologize for his comments? Definitely not; there was some confusion among people due to what he said. After he doubled down on his anti-semitic comments, Camille Vasquez refused to work for him, and now people are judging her for her decision.

‘Pop Base’ tweeted about the lawyer’s decision against Kanye West, and people are giving mixed reactions to the tweet.

Check out how fans are reacting to this tweet:

A 405 Freeway overpass was adorned with anti-semitic signs and the slogan “Kanye is right about the Jews.” KTLA reports that white nationalist posters have appeared on 101 Freeway overpasses in Ventura County numerous times this year. In contrast, some people feel protecting their Jewish friends is essential. As a result of these controversies, Kanye West seems to be under more pressure, and we’ll soon see what happens next.

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