What Black Adam Could Mean For Shazam 2 (And The DCEU)

Given the comical and lighthearted tone of 2019’s Shazam!, the related Black Adam picture starring Dwayne Johnson could cause a dynamic shift in Shazam! 2 and other DCEU films in the future. The titular dark champion, imprisoned by the Council of Wizards for abusing his power and unleashing the Seven Deadly Sins onto the earth, is set free in the teaser video for Black Adam.

The intimidating and cloaked Adam snatches an armed soldier/mercenary by the throat and burns him to ash with his lightning almost instantly. This is almost certainly a hint that Black Adam has no qualms about killing people who stand in his way, and that he isn’t afraid to use his talents.

Black Adam Could Affect The Tone Of Shazam! 2

Black Adam
Black Adam First Look

Being Shazam’s frequent foe in the comics, it’s probable that Shazam! Fury of the Gods would take a different tone than its predecessor in response to whenever the two champions collide.  Despite the fact that Black Adam will not appear in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the tone of the sequel may be influenced.

While the first Shazam! included a few emotional scenes involving Mark Strong’s Dr. Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Shazam! 2 may go further into more serious tones with larger stakes in anticipation of a Shazam/Adam crossover (as much as a comedic film starring a teenaged superhero organically can).

Black Adam And Shazam Share Interesting Relationship In The Comics

Black Adam
Black Adam Could Change The Tone Of Shazam!

In addition, in the comics, Adam and Shazam share a fascinating relationship. While they are adversaries and have clashed on several occasions, they have also collaborated for the greater good. As a result, the thought that the centuries-old Adam would temper his vengeance once he learns that this new magical champion is a child would be an intriguing concept, setting the tone and finding a balance for the connected series and the potential future crossovers (while still allowing Black Adam to maintain his darkness in his own films.)

Adam’s complexity is one of the factors that makes him such a captivating figure. Adam is a dictator who delivers his own brand of cruel justice that frequently blurs with revenge, much like the more recent characterizations of Marvel’s Doctor Doom.

Black Adam was chosen by the Council of Wizards for his heart and nobility, but after his family was murdered, he became corrupted into evil, pushing him to seek revenge, which led to his centuries-long imprisonment. He’s far too multifaceted to be classified as a hero or a villain in any case. As a result, Black Adam’s entrance in the DCEU will be quite unusual, and he has a lot of potentials to change the tone of films like Shazam! 2 and future instalments in the franchise.

Prachee Mishra
Prachee Mishra

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