What If Batman’s Parents Never Died: DC Shows A World Without Batman Turns Into Hell (Literally!!)

The Batman is the world’s most popular superhero. He is but one simple man albeit with extraordinary willpower. He will go to extreme lengths to exact justice and protect the innocent. There are billions of Batman fans and there are as many batman haters. The latter section believe that Batman is overrated and just benefits from a thick plot armor because of being DC’s flagship superhero. But there is an issue in the comics that shows how a world without Batman would look like. And to be honest, it does NOT look pretty to say the least.

In 2018, the Wayne Manor rang with Wedding Bells. Batman was going to get married and the entire DC Universe couldn’t be any happier. Booster Gold, the time traveling superhero from the future, had massive respect for the Dark Knight. He wanted to do something really special for Bruce Wayne, something nobody else could have thought of. Booster Gold planned to go back in time and save Thomas and Martha Wayne on that fateful night in Crime Alley.

Little did he know, his actions would create the next Flashpoint.

This new reality where there was no Bruce Wayne to protect the world was the living definition of a nightmare. Everything was upside down. Compared to this reality even the original Flashpoint timeline would look like a bed of roses. There was indeed a Batman in this reality. But he was Dick Grayson. Without Bruce Wayne to guide him, Dick had taken to a life of violence and vengeance. he committed murders and tortured people openly.

The Joker has taken over Gotham. Many Gotham Citizens including well-known Justice League heroes have fallen to the Joker Venom. Dick Grayson aka Batman of this world kills metahumans because they could be easily turned into human weapons by the Joker. The entire USA is in utter shambles. Society is on the brink of collapse. Also, the Penguin is now the POTUS.

On the other end of the world, we have Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins. Without Batman to obstruct his rise to power, the Demon’s Head’s power over the world is now absolute. He controls most of Eurasia and eyes America as a failed state that will soon fall into chaos. Ra’s Al Ghul has chosen Talia as his heir. Without Bruce Wayne, the League of Assassins has grown ever more ruthless and brutal in their ways.

The Justice League no longer exists since there was no Batman to coordinate the team as the chief strategist. Green Lantern literally shoots himself in the head just to prove a stupid point. And Bruce Wayne, he has given up on Gotham City. Bruce Wayne is a rich, annoying brat who sponges off of his parents’ money. What was once just a façade has become Bruce’s true personality.

The story ends on a tragic note – Booster Gold is forced to go back in time to kill the Waynes himself. So that the world would always have a Batman. DC just proved that Bruce must suffer forever for the sake of the DC Universe.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

Bibhu Prasad Panda is a Senior Content Writer at Animated Times. He has always been fascinated with the world of word balloons and text boxes since he was 5. From aspiring to be an engineer to becoming a market research specialist, life's been quite a journey for him. Bibhu now follows his passion as an entertainment journalist/blogger. He's also an Omen main in Valorant. SCATTER!!!!

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