Season 2 of What If…? is still in the works, there are little details about the stories that will be told. Some episodes will feature characters and events from Marvel’s Phase 4 cinematic universe, while others will continue the stories of Captain Carter and the Iron Man and Gamora variants introduced in Season 1’s finale, “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?”

First Appearance

What If...? Director Discusses Spider-Man's Future On The Show.
What If…?

Peter Parker (voiced by Hudson Thames) first appeared in What If…? in the fourth episode, “What If…Zombies!” Peter Parker was one of a ragged group of survivors in the MCU following an outbreak of the undead. Some fans were surprised to see him because Sony still owns a lot of the film and TV rights to the character.

Will Spider-Man Return?

What If...? Director Discusses Spider-Man's Future On The Show.
What If…?

Director Bryan Andrews was asked if the Web-Slinger would return in the second season of What If…? in an interview with “Well, we can’t say too much about what Season 2 might or might not bring,” Andrews added. “But we do love Spider-Man, so who knows what may happen in the future. But yeah, we dig all that stuff, so it’s just a question of if we’re able to do enough shows or enough seasons, who knows what we’ll get. We’ll definitely be able to — hopefully, at that point — either revisit characters or revisit characters in a way that we are familiar with and then spin them even something else differently. You know what I mean? But when it comes to Season 2, we can’t say anything about that stuff.”

What If…? Spidey’s participation in the programme was addressed by showrunner A.C. Bradley, who said “I believe I asked that question early on. ‘Can we just touch Spider-Man?’ I asked. ‘Don’t worry about it,’ they said. We’ll work it out together. We’ll cross that bridge if you tell the best narrative you can.’ That was Marvel’s general rule: have fun as long as you’re not doing something we’re doing in the movies, and we’ll figure it out.”

The reality-bending Spider-Man: No Way Home, slated to swing into cinemas on December 17, will be Spider-next Man’s adventure in the MCU (and beyond). Until then, viewers can catch up on the first season of What If…? on Disney+.


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