What If: How Captain Carter Was Constantly Disrespected And Looked Down Upon In Ep. 1

Being a woman in this world isn’t easy – even if that world is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is best proven by What If…? Episode 1 which is about Agent ‘Peggy’ Carter becoming Captain Carter. The episode dates back to 1943, the Second World War era. This was also the time when men in power couldn’t digest women rising to glory. Though, not much has changed in the 21st century. But those days, it was much serious. We’ve always heard tales of men becoming superheroes but little did they ever mention women becoming one.  But thanks to series like these that attempt to glorify women, not based on their beauty, but based on their skills, power, and strength – What If…? Episode 1 did try to portray a few unconventional things, but ultimately it showed the truth that plagues us even NOW: how men in power still think less of women and look down upon them. There are plenty of dialogues that support this.

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From Agent 'Peggy' Carter to Captain Carter
From Agent ‘Peggy’ Carter to Captain Carter

Captain Carter: How In ‘What If’ Ep1 She Was Constantly Disrespected And Looked Down Upon

This is just one dialogue where we can see Colonel Flynn pulling Agent Carter down
This is just one dialogue where we can see Colonel Flynn pulling Agent Carter down

What If…? is an animated series that reimagines important MCU events and creates a multiverse of infinite possibilities. The stories are narrated by The Watcher. Not going to lie, reimagining the events and witnessing alternate endings is fun. So, Episode 1 reimagined the new Captain America. But this time, in the form of a woman. Ouch! It was a hurtful moment for a few men in the episode. Nonetheless, they went ahead with the idea and gave us an entertaining episode. One evident thing is the complexity a few men had with women taking up heroic roles.

Criticisms Captain Carter Had To Face

Colonel Flynn in What If...? Episode 1
Colonel Flynn in What If…? Episode 1

We’re not complaining about how the episode was directed or written. But we’re only pointing out the fact that men in power still feel inferiority complex if a woman tries to prove herself. In the episode, Steve Rogers was shot and couldn’t take the serum. Hence, Agent Carter decided to risk it. Thankfully, everything went well and we got a new super soldier in the form of a woman. Now, this was celebrated by both Howard and Steve, but one person had a lot of issues, Colonel Flynn.

Colonel Flynn constantly complained of how the last of Erskin’s serum was wasted on Agent Carter, and how she might be ‘useful’ later for extracting the chemical composition of the serum from her blood samples. Moreover, he didn’t consider her as the real Super Soldier until she had to prove herself by taking down a few German soldiers, rescuing their soldiers along with Bucky, and getting the Tesseract. So much, just to prove herself as a worthy Soldier. Later, in a heartfelt scene, we can see Captain Carter speaking her heart out to Steve Rogers. She reveals that she feels the way people view her has changed. She said, “I’m no longer screaming to be heard, to be seen, to be in the room.” To this Steve Rogers adds, “To be respected.” That’s it. This dialogue speaks volumes!

Steve Rogers Always By Her Side

The heartfelt conversation Captain Carter and Steve Rogers had
The heartfelt conversation Captain Carter and Steve Rogers had

Also, let’s just appreciate how supportive Steve Rogers was in the entire episode. We thought he would get mad at Agent Carter for taking up his role. But instead, he was glad and always believed in her. He even said Carter was always a fighter. He went on saying, “In a way, the outside finally matches the inside.

We’re glad Agent Carter was portrayed as Captain Carter, taking up the heroic role. It was amazing to watch her in her new costume, using the shield, protecting people, taking down soldiers, and proving all those men wrong who disrespected her, pulled her down, and mocked her.

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