Classic Board Games Turned Into Horror Movie Posters

We all had a wonderful childhood playing colorful and happy board games. They were designed to cheer up our minds and make us happy. We still love these games while growing up, but imagine if they all turn out all creepy and horrifying. What if all those enjoyable board games full of candies become full of blood and monsters?

An artist from Nashville created Horror movie posters out of board games.

A graphic designer named Justin Bryant tried experimenting with his photoshop skills, and it turned out well.

Chutes and Ladders created by Justin Bryant
Chutes and Ladders created by Justin Bryant

The horror movie posters were quite chilling and horrifying that any horror movie lover would love to watch them in theatres.

Don't break the ice created by Justin Bryant
Don’t break the ice created by Justin Bryant

Justin says that he did it by getting inspired by an artist Tim Burton who makes such art by blending cute characters with scary aesthetics.Justin said that he got inspired to create such creepy posters from innocent board games. He said that this idea struck his mind when he lost his job as a merchandise designer.

Don't wake Daddy created by Justin Bryant
Don’t wake Daddy created by Justin Bryant

When asked about his inspiration in creating such surreal artwork, Justin Bryant says that life is, in general, a part of the motivation.

He says that his mind always keeps on looking around and re-imagining things in strange ways.

Cooties created by Justin Bryant
Cooties created by Justin Bryant

Being a freelance merchandise designer, he is still attracted to graphics, which is seen around movie posters, DVD/CD covers, comic books, etc. He is immensely talented from his childhood and started designing things when he first picked up crayons in his hand in childhood, and since then, he has never looked back. As a child, he sketched and made colored drawings of Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, etc. However, they were so good that people didn’t believe it. It was perceived that it was all done by his parents.

Justin created all these fantastic horror movie posters using Adobe Photoshop. He creates rough conceptual sketches in the initial stage and then starts finding images he can work on. He then makes the final art by putting the relevant ideas into composition and layouts. He even has a YouTube channel where he uploads the full art video of the process. He says that it takes him around 3 to 12+ hours to create this artwork. It all depends upon the depth, composition, and number of layers.

Candyland created by Justin Bryant
Candyland created by Justin Bryant

When asked about his favorite board games, he says that he loved Chutes and Ladders and Candyland as a child. He wants to make many more artworks on the list of games.

Which poster do you think is the scariest one of these all?

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