Let’s dig into some of the famous board games and find out how they can be made into horror movies. The names of these board games are promising enough to be a title of a horror movie, so brace yourselves into getting into this crazy world of new and exciting bunch of fan made movies.


Originally, it is called Hungry Hungry Hippos which is a table top game made for 2-4 players, produced by Hasbro. The seemingly naive objective of the game is for each player to collect as many marbles as possible with their ‘hippo’. But in the image above it has been frighteningly portrayed to be a movie of a hippo (or maybe a bunch of hippos) lying underneath a water body (maybe a river) which preys on humans who travel on motorboats. In real life however hippos are herbivores they only prey on grass.


Candyland is a racing board game for young children. In this game, the winner is determined purely by luck with the help of a shuffled set of cards. The game has a sweet story like its name. It was first introduced by Eleanor Abbott, for children suffering from polio in the hospitals. Later the children in the hospitals proposed to submit to a larger company to produce in the game for everyone globally. The image above displays a gloomy field with delicious candies all over it impersonating as plants or shrubs. But one has to be careful to lick anyone of these as it may cause some serious damage to the person who has done it. Overall, it is a scary thing to reside at Candyland.


This ancient board game form India is also known as Snakes and Ladders, is regarded as a worldwide classic as pretty much people all over the world are aware of it. The main objective of the player is to dodge all the snakes with a bunch of lucky die rolls and reach the top most sqaure which is 100. There are also ladders in the game which escalate you to a top position. This film promises some gore filled action which is evidently displayed in the bloody chutes, especially when the player is consumed by the snake in the game. But what is troublsome is how the player might reach the bottom square if he’s consumed and dead in the top square by the snake. What can be speculated is that a part of the players body might be cut off from him/her while playing it.


Uno is one card game that every house has atleast one deck with them. It is unleashed probably when your cousins or friends or any acquaintances come over and want to have a memorable fun time.  The title in the poster ‘Pray for Reversal’ is an ode to the feeling of dread when players who really wish they had a reverse or someone reverses the order of the game so that they the escape the +4s and +2s. The poster is set in a dark room with candles lit for each player to get a dramatic and a creepy effect while playing it. The demon’s hand rising from the floor showcasing a Wild card is even more haunting. Well if this were to be a real movie then people should be really scared the next time they play this famous game.


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