What Makes Batman The Greatest Superhero?

Without a doubt, Batman has left a mark on the entire comic universe as an ideal for everyone.

The passion, the determination and the courage that Batman shows are admired by everyone.

And why not? He is indeed the greatest superhero ever. And these are the 10 things that make Batman The Greatest Superhero.

1. He is mortal. He is a human.

The best thing about Batman is that he is human. A mere human just like us.

What made him special is his courage, determination and not to forget his dedication. Born from the tragic death of his parents, Batman is just an ordinary man with extraordinary dedication to fight criminals; to perish all the bad guys, so that no more children could suffer like he did.

Why Batman is Great
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2. He is Focused and Disciplined.

Disciplined Batman
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These two factors make Batman the greatest superhero for everyone.

Being focused and disciplined is what make Batman, a mere human, defeat the greatest super villains of all time.

Not to forget, the Darkseid. An unordinary childhood completely messed up teenage, but still being able to remain focused. Man, that is just brilliant.

3. Always Prepared

What Makes Batman The Greatest Superhero
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One of the basic things that we are taught from childhood is to be prepared always.

And that’s what Batman does. And see how effective that is. Preparing yourself against the strengths of your enemy, planning all your gadgets and everything.

These are the things that always keep Batman one step ahead of the criminals and therefore, makes him the best.


Batman taking Joker to justice
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Batman’s code of Justice is something that makes him really unique.

Unlike other Superheroes, you try to just finish off their enemies, Batman brings them to justice.

Not only this, no matter how much anger he gets, he never seeks revenge. The best example is Joker in The Dark Knight. Joker tried his best to break Batman’s code by targeting the person he loved most. Still, Batman stuck up to his code.

5. He can beat everyone. Literally everyone

Batman Beating Villain
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Okay, Batman has killed the most powerful being on the planet. The Superman.

As we know, Batman has prepared himself for the weakness of all the other members of Justice League, in case things go wrong.

This pre-planning and focus help him to beat all the other superheroes on the planet, making him the “GREATEST EVER.”


Batman not only deals with simple criminals, but with masterminds like Joker, metahumans like Poison Ivy, half dead like Two Faced and Bane.

In short, Batman has got the most versatile list of enemies and has always defeated them.

Batman Villains
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Hiding his identity under the mask of a billionaire, arrogant, sophisticated, playboy etc etc Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne, a guy who has literally no connection and no concern for the outer world, makes the perfect mask for Batman.

The Awesome Batman
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You know what made The Dark Knight trilogy the best Batman movies ever?

The matter that no matter how much you push Batman down, he will rise up.

I got this meme on thehumornation.com and it perfectly describes why Batman is the “GREATEST SUPERHERO EVER.”

He got Lost.. He Got Burned. He Got Blamed. He Got Retired. He Got Broken. And He Always Coming Back..
cREDITS- Humornation

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