What Role Does Tim Roth’s Abomination Play in She-Hulk?

Tim Roth will be reprising his villainous role after the second movie of the MCU, The Incredible Hulk and we can not wait to see the Abomination. There is no confirmation that whether Tim Roth will be the villain or not but fans are happy to see him. What surprises the fans more is that Abomination is seen in human form in the She-Hulk trailer. Tim Roth was a special forces operative Emil Blonsky who was injected with a new version of Super Soldier Serum and later became an Abomination.

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Abomination returns after the second MCU movie, The Incredible Hulk

Abomination She hUlk
Tim Rooth will reprise his role of Abomination from The Incredible Hulk in She Hulk

Bringing Abomination from the 2008 Incredible Hulk might shed some light and close to unresolved storylines in the MCU. Abomination was also seen for a short time in Shang-Chi. It seems that Abomination has gained the ability to transform between human and creature just like Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters.

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Emily Blonsky’s Abomination transformation in She-Hulk

Abomination in She Hulk
Abomination in She Hulk

In the recent trailer, Bruce and Jennifer are studying together about the She-Hulk transformation. It seems that they look for a person who was affected by Bruce’s blood and that is Emily Blonsky’s Abomination. It is possible that the three of them might discover a way for Emil to transform between a human and She-Hulk. Abomination’s presence in the She-Hulk trailer raised some interesting questions and fans are eager to know what Emily Blonski has been up to since the second movie of MCU, The Incredible Hulk. 

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What to expect from Abomination?

Wong and Abomination
The portal in Shang-Chi leads to the containment cell in She-Hulk for Tim Roths Abomination.

In Shang Chi, Abomination was seen with Wong, and fans are still confused about how these two characters met. Wong will be returning in the She-Hulk and fans might get some answers from the series. With the official description, fans can easily expect that Emily Blonsky’s Abomination will have a major role in the Disney+ series, She-Hulk. 

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