What Titans’ “Be Batman” Line Means For Season 2

The trailer for Titans Season 2 had everyone asking why Dick Grayson was told to ‘be Batman’. Robin, played by Brenton Thwaites, eventually turned out to be the star of the first season of Titan. The season saw Robin embark on a journey full of ups and downs, where he had to deal with an emotional fallout post parting ways with Batman. 

Dick Grayson’s Final Scene In Titans 1

Dick Grayson's Final Scene In Titans 1
Robin is often associated with Batman as his sidekick or a junior counterpart


The audience is first introduced to Dick Grayson when he works as a lone Robin, however, as the season progresses and the finale is reached, the former sidekick of Batman decides to leave the life of Robin behind. He dramatically leaves his past behind by burning his signature red and green outfit into ashes. 


Season 2 Trailer of Titans

Season 2 Trailer of Titans
Nightwing is another superhero alter ego of Dick Grayson

This scene left it to the imagination of the fans that Grayson would take up his adult Nightwing persona that is depicted in the comics in Season 2 of Titans. It proves to be a strong possibility that fans are desperately hoping to be true. However, until now, no mention of Nightwing has appeared in any promotional videos or other forms of marketing that’s been revealed to the public. The latest trailer for Season 2 of Titans shows the outcome of Grasyons decision. Starfire is seen asking her boyfriend ‘what now?’ which undoubtedly adds gasoline to the fire that would become Nightwing. However, the final seconds of the trailer reveal a shocking twist, where a voice-over is heard telling Dick Grayson to ‘be Batman.’


Possibility Of Taking Up Batman’s Mantle

The significance of this phrase implies a major importance for Season 2 of Titans. It may suggest the fact that after destroying his Robin outfit, Dick Grayson’s role may finally be to take up the mantle of Batman himself. It would certainly be an interesting twist to the idea. However, it’s been used for several occasions in the comics. In the comics, an older Dick Grayson takes up Bruce Wayne’s superhero mantle after the latter was severely injured, and once again after Bruce Wayne was presumed dead. 


Watch the trailer for Titans Season 2 here:


Source: Screenrant, Entertainment Weekly 

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