What could've happened in Sam Raimi's plan for Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man: Far From Home will bring Mysterio to the big screen soon. Sam Raimi had planned on providing the villain with his live-action launch in Spider-Man 4. Sam Raimi’s proposed follow-up to 2007’s Spider-Man three had finished his tenure with the Marvel superhero on a high note. He intended to plan a follow-up movie, Spider-Man 4. 


Sam Raimi’s plan for the fourth movie

Sam Raimi's plan for the fourth movie
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Raimi and Tobey Maguire both joined to return for a 4th instalment. James Vanderbilt also wrote the scripts for recommended back-to-back sequels.  Sony had considered filming Spider-Man 4 and even 5 simultaneously. It was to make the franchise business a lot more cost-effective and more straightforward on the organizing of the actors. Finally, Sony decided to wage a fourth standalone movie. Sam Raimi wished to start principal photography in March 2010 for a summer 2011 launch.


Rumoured villains said to be in Spider-Man 4

Rumoured villains said to be in Spider-Man 4
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There were rumours that Dylan Baker’s Physician Curt Connors would change into the atrocious Reptile for the fourth movie. Baker also validated his participation in the film. At some point, it became known that the designated primary bad guy of the film was to be the Marauder, portrayed by John Malkovich. Kirsten Dunst returned as Mary Jane Watson, and Anne Hathaway represented Felicia Hardy. Sam Raimi’s version of Felicia would not be the Black Feline, as in the comics. She was to be a comparable high-flying figure referred to as the Vulturess.


Suggested art for Spider-Man 4

Due to film illustrator Jeffrey Henderson, fan art has discovered its way online. It reveals aerial battles between Spider-Man and also the Marauder. The storyboards also revealed a shot of an unconscious Peter Parker dropping back down over Manhattan.


The principal art shows Spider-Man with a handcuffed Mysterio in a New York Police Division district. It seemed much less in shape than Jake Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of the personality in Far From Home, as the NYPD praises Spidey for nailing the bad guy.  


Sam Raimi had admitted problems concerning the plot. The eventual dismissal of the film during its pre-production had been a disappointment. He had wished to make Spider-Man 4 the best one yet.

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