“What would we be without our friends?”: Shakira Throws Lavish Party in Barcelona After Tearing Gerard Pique to Shreds in Diss Track, Compares Clara Chia to Twingo

Proceeding into the new year, Shakira released new music which is already proving to be another big hit by the singer. Since she released her track on the 11th of January, it garnered more than 60 million views on Youtube and 14.4 million listen on Spotify in under 24 hours. Her songs contain lines that directly diss her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. In addition to that, even his new girlfriend was not spared by the artist.

Seemingly, Shakira was deeply hurt by the split after 12 years of a relationship. However, fortunately for the Waka Waka singer, the diss track has proved to be a hit among her listeners. Following its success, she threw a big party recently at her home in Barcelona. The Latin singer shared pictures from the party via her social media accounts to update her followers.

Shakira’s Lavish Party After the Release of Her New Song


Following a very successful start to her newly released music, Shakira recently threw a lavish party at her home. Just some time ago, she was reportedly blasting her new diss track BZRP which was heard throughout her neighborhood. The full title of the track is BZRP Music Session, Vol. 53, and was released on the 11th of January, 2023.

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Her fans seem to be loving her comeback as they are showing her their full support. Some of her fans that live close to her home in Barcelona showed their support by singing some lines from the new track outside her house. She expressed her gratitude by writing, “Thank You for the serenade” along with sending them a kiss from her balcony.

The Loca singer updated her fans all over the world about the party by sharing pictures from the day on her social media. Along with the post Shakira wrote,

“What would we be without friends who dry our tears and also celebrate the good times?”


There were seemingly many of her close friends and acquaintances present at the party. Moreover, the singer did not forget to mention her collaborator and Argentinian music producer, Bizzarap.

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 BZRP Diss Track Harshly Calls Out Clara Chia Marti

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti
Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti

It seemingly left Shakira hurt when her 12-year-long relationship with ex Gerard Piqué came to an end in 2022. Although from their statement, the decision is seemingly mutual, however, some sources suggest that the former professional football player had been getting close to his present girlfriend Clara Chia Marti a whole year before the split. Therefore he quickly moved on while Shakira had to process everything while protecting her kids and herself from negative media perceptions.

In her diss track, the Loca singer has included many lines directly addressing her split with Piqué. One line disses the footballer saying, ” And when I needed you, you gave me the worst version of you”. Moreover, even his 23-year-old flame got dissed harshly by the Queen of Latin Music, along with the centreback. In the third verse of the track Shakira called Marti out, saying, I’m worth two 22-year-olds/ You traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo”. The whole song gives the singer’s perspective on the split.

BZRP Music Sessions, Vol 53 is available for listening on Spotify, Youtube, etc.

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Source: Marca

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