“Whatever happens, you cannot treat her badly”: Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Flame Alex Rodriguez Was Warned By Close Friend While Dating Her, Called Her American Royalty

The most powerful couple in America, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, once ruled the business, fashion, and celebrity worlds. However, the storied romance between Rodriguez and Lopez began with a clumsy text that would make a middle schooler wince. Growing up in the Bronx, they both had modest beginnings before rising to fame at a young age. After several relationships involving marriages, divorces, and kids, the baseball player, and the popstar met in their late forties. As a result, many sources wanted to try and paint a picture of what it was like for Alex Rodriguez to date Jennifer Lopez. 

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez is way predictable according to Jose Canseco

Fans, however, learned that the former Yankee had been issued a severe warning before dating the Hustlers actress by his close friends.

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What did Alex Rodriguez’s friend warn him about?

Alex Rodriguez foresaw J-Rod’s future relationship with Jennifer Lopez almost 20 years before it actually materialized. In a recently discovered interview from 1998, a young Rodriguez was asked, “What would a dream date with Alex Rodriguez be?” The professional athlete replied without hesitation, “Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully you can find me a date with her.” Excuse us, our hearts might have melted upon hearing this!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

As soon as A-Rod and JLo started dating, they gained media attention. Everyone in the baseball world as well as in Hollywood was curious to learn everything about the famous couple. In addition, the paparazzi were committed to covering every angle. They, therefore, got in touch with people who knew the former Yankee. A source close to the MLB player said,

“This lady is like American royalty. Whatever happens, you cannot treat her badly. She has to be the one to dump your a** if you split up for any reason.”

The source added that dating Lopez would put a great deal of pressure on anyone. After dating for two years, however, they quickly fell in love and got engaged. They succeeded in seamlessly blending their families in the interim.

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What brought A-Rod and JLo together?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez first met each other at a New York Yankees game in 2005. When she shook hands with Rodriguez on the baseball field, Lopez was accompanied by her then husband, singer Marc Anthony. While A-Rod was also married at that time, to Cynthia Scurtis. Later, during an appearance on The View, Rodriguez confirmed the relationship rumors were true. The couple did, however, officially break off their engagement in April, stating that “we are better as friends.” Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez announced their separation just over a month after admitting they were “working on some things” in their union.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
J.Lo and A-Rod’s Halloween costumes
Source: Instagram

Well, we can’t deny that they made headlines before, during, and even after their relationship.

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