What’s Next After Kurama: 10 Abilities Naruto Still Has That Make Him The Strongest Hokage Ever

Although Naruto no longer has Kurama, to think him as weak would be a grave error. Naruto still has access to loads of Godlike abilities even after Kurama’s death.

Sage Of Six Paths Chakra

Sage Of Six Paths Chakra

While fighting against Madara in the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, Naruto was granted access to half of the power of the Sage of Six Paths. Naruto already had a pretty impressive set of abilities. But gaining access to the Six Paths Chakra amplified his powers even more. He could use it even without accessing Kurama’s chakra as seen in his initial fight against Edo Tensei Madara. Although the Sage of Six Paths Chakra will not vae as strong a connection to Naruto as before, it still gives him a considerable power boost.

Sage Mode

Sage Mode

Let’s not forget Naruto still has access to the Sage Mode ability. An extremely potent power, the Toad Sage Mode is very hard to master and requires precise Chakra Control. Sage Mode works by allowing the human body to harmonize with the natural energy in its immediate surrounding and convert it into chakra. Senjutsu Chakra drastically increase a user’s abilities and Naruto is already an expert in using it.

Other Tailed Beast Chakra

Tailed Beasts

The Fourth Great Shinobi War saw Naruto being granted a portion of the chakra of all the other tailed beasts other than Kurama. Naruto even used the other tailed beast chakra in the same arc. Even in Boruto, Naruto has used the Four Tails’ Chakra against Code. Since Naruto has been using the tailed beast chakra for quite a while, it is safe to assume he has become a force to be reckoned with in that area.

Lava Release

Lava Release

On his own, Naruto does not have access to the unique Kekkei Genkai abilities. But certain Jinchurikis do possess them. The Four Tails for example, allows its Jinchuriki to use the power of the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai. This ability works by mixing fire release with earth release. Naruto, since he has access to Four Tails’ chakra, can use Lava release in combat.

Magnet Release

Naruto – Magnet Release Rasengan

Magnet Release is a powerful Kekkei Genkai ability that mixes Earth release with Wind Release. It was what made the Third Kazekage the greatest shinobi of the Hidden sand Village. Since Naruto has access to Shukaku’s Chakra, he can use Magnet Release against his opponents. This technique is great for sealing and defense.

Boil Release

Boil Release

Thsi ability is the gift the Five Tailed Kokuo grants to its Jinchuriki. The Kekkei Genkai allows the user to momentarily boost his power to Godlike levels. Naruto used Boil Release against his fight with Kaguya Otsutsuki. We could see Naruto using it in Boruto in the near future.

Ink Creation

Ink Creating Ability

The ability of the Eight-Tails allows its wielder to use the ability of Ink Creation. Naruto used Gyuki’s power by combining it with his powerful Rasenshuriken ability for a devastating effect against Kaguya.

Mastery Of All Nature Transformations

All Nature Transformations

The power of the age of Six Paths chakra grants Naruto access to all five nature transformations. His natural affinity was previously wind but his body can mold its chakra for any kind of nature transformation with little to no chakra lost unnecessarily. His ninjytsu arsenal gets a serious boost thanks to Sage of Six Paths Chakra.

Expertise Of Sealing Techniques


Naruto hails from the famed Uzumaki Clan, a clan so feared for its Ninjutsu abilities enemy villages decided to destroy it. Naruto has had ample time to study and master sealing techniques. Since he is the Hokage, he has access to all scrolls related to the Uzumaki Clan and we are pretty sure he has made short work of it all. Access to Shukaku’s Magnet Release also gives him a natural affinity for sealing jutsus.

Godlike Sensory Perception

Naruto’s Sensory Perception

His Sage Mode gives him enhanced senses. By combining it with Sage of six Paths Chakra, Naruto can sense and fell things no ordinary Shinobi ever could. Naruto literally gains a better understanding of how things works in the universe when he uses this ability. His sensory perception makes him a God amongst men.

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