‘What’s Next? Published by Satan?’: New Men’s Rights Book by Pirates Star Greg Ellis Has Intro Penned by Johnny Depp, Foreworded by Alec Baldwin, Fans Call It Satan’s Memoirs

Even after cutting all ties with the Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp retains one strong connection. Greg Ellis, Lieutenant commander Theodore Groves in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was one of Johnny Depp’s hardcore supporters. During the much-publicized Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, Ellis defended his co-star, while attacking Amber Heard, countless times. Ellis has also had his fair share of difficulties in the US Divorce courts. His experience prompted him to write a new book titled The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law. The book is based on a real story. And guess who has written the introduction? None other than, Johnny Depp.

Greg Ellis
Greg Ellis in Pirates of the Caribbean

The Respondent is written by Greg Ellis; introduction by Johnny Depp and the foreword by Alec Baldwin

Johnny Depp and Greg Ellis
Greg Ellis has penned The Respondent; introduction by Johnny Depp and a foreword by Alec Baldwin

The Respondent, as the title suggests, is aimed at ‘exposing the cartel of family law’, which according to Ellis is ‘the only branch of [the US] legal system where there is no presumption of innocence.’ The book is a memoir of his own experiences in the ‘dungeon of family court.’ He is of the view that the divorce system as a whole is against men. He said, “The silver bullet playbook of high-conflict divorce, the smoking gun of our corrupt legal system has become the go-to strategy for divorce lawyers and raging anti-male feminists, that guarantees a win before you even go into court.”

And The Respondent is, in Johnny Depp’s words, ‘both a chilling reminder and essential therapy for anyone navigating the recrimination and trauma that is modern American divorce.’

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What Greg Ellis wants to achieve with The Respondent 

Greg Ellis, who released this memoir, has clear sight of what he wants to achieve with this book. What he sets out to achieve with The Respondent, is to force politicians to have a re-look at the whole legal system. He said. “For me, the one big thing I’m trying to change through my launching the book and my charity CPU (Children & Parents United) is to highlight that the only branch of [the US] legal system where there is no presumption of innocence is Family Law.” He despises how the divorce courts are incentivized to presume the guilt of the person, a demand of the $60 billion a year divorce machinery. And he is ‘calling on politicians, policy-makers, and influencers to come together to reform the one branch of our legal system that has no due process, no presumption of innocence; where parents are found guilty until proven more guilty.’

Ellis also laments the bias toward men in contemporary society. He said, “There is a bias in our cultural conversations right now; it’s the narrative that’s being driven by this radical strain of feminism. Not true equality, factual feminism – which I support – but unfortunately there’s this radical strain of it that perpetrates victimhood and false allegations far too often at the expandability and devaluation of men and fathers.”

These were the problems exposed by The Respondent, which Ellis has called ‘part memoir, meditation and manifesto‘. The introduction of the book has been written by Johnny Depp and the foreword by Alec Baldwin.

But Twitter is wondering whether or not this book was a result of the ‘good intentions’ of Greg Ellis.

A Twitter user has claimed that the book seems so regressive that it could easily pass for a book that has been published by Satan.

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Fans’ reaction to ‘Satan’s memoir’

Greg Ellis and Johnny Depp
The Respondent written by Greg Ellis has drawn a lot of people’s ire

People have not been so receptive to Ellis’s memoirs, with some even claiming that this book is no less than satan’s memoir.

The expression ‘exposing the cartel of family law‘ has drawn a lot of criticism.

And even Johnny Depp writing its introduction has had no impact on these fans, who have claimed that the work is somewhat regressive.

People have even brought into question Ellis’ very nature.

The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of family law was published on June 29, 2021.

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