‘What’s really in that stroller?’: Fans Claim Amber Heard Sedates Baby Oonagh Paige, is the Reason Why Her Daughter’s so “Shockingly Calm” in Undersized Stroller

Amber Heard is amid another controversy yet again. This time the American actress is being accused of carrying around a “fake baby” to gain sympathy from people. On top of the baby being fake, people are also speculating that maybe she sedates her baby while going on walks. This has come just after months of trolling and accusations against Heard.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

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Amber Heard has been accused of having a rented baby

The Aquaman actress, Amber Heard was accused of strolling a ‘borrowed baby’ by Twitter users. A user wrote, “Amber allegedly rents a baby for photo shoots.” The fan supported this theory with a number of facts. The post pointed out that even the baby’s face across the pictures did not match.


Heard was accused of having a borrowed baby for sympathy.

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According to a source, it was stated that the baby reportedly has kept changing sizes. Heard’s Instagram feed does not help her case either. Whenever she posts pictures of Oonagh Paige Heard, she makes sure to hide her face. Also, a major striking difference has been spotted in the size of the baby, even though the pictures were taken during a relatively short time.

The Drive Angry actress allegedly sedates her baby before going for stroller walks

Heard has been facing some backlash for allegedly sedating her baby before going for stroller walks. The speculations came to life after she and her girlfriend were spotted walking through the streets of Israel with a stroller. The size of the stroller was questioned by fans because Oonagh should be around 17 months old now and that stroller should be too small for her.

After a fan pointed out that they have not seen a baby so calm “unless that baby’s sedated” is when the speculations about the baby being sedated began.

Amber Heard, Eve Barlow and their baby
Heard was spotted strolling her baby in the streets of Israel

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The allegations come after Heard lost against Johnny Depp in the infamous defamation case trial back in June.

Source: Geo TV

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