What’s with the sword, Geralt? Fans ponder over the newly found angle to The Witcher

The Witcher has gained a lot of appreciation from the fans because of its dark and serious undertones. Henry Cavill has successfully portrayed the role of Geralt of Rivia who is a very determined person and mostly remains glum. But, the fans of the newly released series have noticed something off in the serious personality of Cavill. In fact, Geralt’s sword, which is often used to dispatch some of the more, menacing monsters he crosses paths with, seems to be a bit more light-hearted.

The ‘killer’ smile

A Twitter user pointed out the fact that the sword is in complete contrast with Geralt’s glum mood. But deciphering Geralt’s mood is not rocket since. After all, if you spent most of your days slaying monsters while your best friend went around singing notoriously catchy songs about it, you are not destined to smile often! But in stark contrast to this, Geralt’s sword seems completely okay with it.

Fans have noticed a big grin at the sword’s hilt. Perhaps the little guy is fond of cutting down monsters, which it encounters with Geralt. Moreover, Jaskier’ voice while singing ‘Toss a Coin to your Witcher’, might be the sword’s secret pleasure too! Whatever it is, Geralt could use some joy and euphoria around him. But, this is all true if the sword is personified.

The Other Theory

However, another theory suggests that the large grin on the sword’s hilt might justify Geralt’s real self. Maybe behind the mask of such a serious guy, there is someone who adores fun and likes to make friends throughout his adventures. The Witcher season one is available on Netflix and his playing right now!

Source: ComicBook

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