WhatsApp turns dark! An overall look on the newly added feature

 WhatsApp is a lifesaver freeware, cross-platform texting, and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. It provides users the services such as text messages and voices messages, enabling them for voice and video calls, as well as allowing them to share images, documents, user locations, and other media.

Release of dark mode

 whatsapp dark mode
The dark mode and the exciting vibe it transfers

After baiting for more than a year, the all famous WhatsApp finally introduced its dark mode feature to iOS and Android users recently. The Facebook-possessed social messaging app had been developing the dark mode feature for a large span of time and in that process, it had launched a slew of Beta versions for both software operating systems. As of now, the feature is gingerly expanding to its 2 billion users worldwide.

About the feature

 whatsapp dark mode
Try diving deep into this new feature

The feature is designed in a manner where if you utilize the phone in a low beam of light, it still won’t stress your eyes. optimistically, another benefit is that it will relieve you from those irritating situations where the phone lights up the entire room as soon as you turn on the phone,” commented the company in a blog post.The recently introduced dark mode theme on WhatsApp,  currently accessible on both Android and iOS phones, is wholly dark black for iPhone app and darker grey for Android.

Steps to enable dark mode feature on your phone:

whatsapp dark mode
Activate the dark mode and swim in its darkness

As the feature is still being launched out gradually to the whole of its 2 billion users, chances are you might miss the feature on your phone as of now. If that is the case, you can go about manually upgrading WhatsApp on your phone via Google Play Store or App Store, depending on whether you use and Android or iOS device. If you still can’t see the dark theme and want it right away, its APK should help.

Once you have done the deed of installing the latest version of the app follow these steps:

Go to Settings option

-Click on Chats

-Under Chats, click on Display

-After clicking on Display, you will be able to see Theme

-Choose Dark Theme to activate it

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