Wheel Of Time: 4 Changes From The Books That Fans Hate

As a result of the original series of books (written by Robert Jordan) that have mesmerized readers since 1990, the new fantasy series. The Wheel of Time. holds a pretty loyal fan base. There’s no denying that the show has had its fair share of detractors. Some of this is to be expected. Any adaptation will always have some changes made from the original material. However, there have been a number of deviations from the books which have left many fans feeling disappointed. Here are some of the changes in Wheel of Time that fans hate.

A Controversial Backstory for Perrin

Wheel of Time Changes That Fans Hate | FandomWire
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The show has divested from the source material by giving better-developed relationships or family drama to many characters. Perrin’s backstory, however, did upset a lot of fans. He wasn’t married in the first book, but in the show, he has a wife who he accidentally kills with an ax as they fight off Trollocs together in the first episode. According to the showrunner, Rafe Judkins, this was a necessary change to show how the characters had roots to their home. However, fans were disappointed because they felt that this fell into the framework of “fridging,” where a female character is killed off to create motivation for the male partner. This was one of the major changes in Wheel Of Time that fans hate. 

They got Mat’s Character entirely wrong

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The first three episodes reveal a different Mat from the merry, carefree, and occasionally obnoxious one we meet at the beginning of the book series. We see more of an outright criminal than a trickster, with abusive home life. Mat’s character is easy to get wrong but the show didn’t even try to give us the character from the books.

The One Power is less striking than the books

Wheel of Time Changes That Fans Hate | FandomWire
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The Channelers in the books weave magnificent strands of One Power. Earth, fire, air, spirit, and water are the five threads, each with a distinctive color. While male channelers are good at accessing the earth and fire strands, female channelers such as the Aes Sedai are better at accessing the other strands. Wheel of Time follows a similar method, but the strands have been bleached white, detracting from the beauty of the casting of spells.

It lacks The Introduction & The Visions

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Wheel of Time begins differently, omitting an introduction that explains the Dragon. Thus there are sets that won’t be seen and spectacular effects such as the elevation of an entire mountain. As a result, viewers who are unfamiliar with the series might find it challenging. Not only that, but it also lacks the visions that Rand receives from his past life. These visions explored the history of his past life as a Dragon. Jordan immerses readers into a complex fantasy world with little explanation. He introduces countless terms and concepts that he explains throughout the story gradually as it progresses which is why it’s challenging for people who haven’t read the books.


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