‘When Does She Get Time to Raise Her Kids?’: Kim Kardashian Flies to Australia to Spend Time With Boyfriend Pete Davidson on Private Jet, Internet Say Doing Her Part for Climate Change

Kim Kardashian is making headlines again and for what; for taking her ridiculously expensive private jet to Australia to, what reports are dubbing as being “reunited” with her boyfriend Pete Davidson. Reunite is a big word for a splurge trip to meet your boy toy but that’s Kardashians for you. Pete Davidson has been filming for a comedy Wizards! in Oz for about four weeks now. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star landed at the Cairns Airport in Queensland, on Saturday. The Daily Mail reported that Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing all black along with black sunglasses, a small bag, and her platinum blonde hair in a bun, being followed by her entourage off the plane.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian flew to Australia in her private jet to “reunite” with beau Pete Davidson

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Insiders share details of the Kim Kardashian trip

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson spotted in Australia

The Daily Mail shared a source’s statement, “It’s a short visit but she’s really excited to go. They’ve both been so busy with work commitments so this is a much needed break and they are looking forward to time together.”

The Sun also reported as shared by a source that Kim Kardashian is there “for a few days” and plans on simply relaxing. The source said, “She has said she intends to stay with Pete in his room at the resort he’s staying at, and not do much else!”

Pete Davidson is shooting for Wizards!

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson starring in David Michôd’s Wizards!

Australian writer-director David Michôd is the creator of Wizards! and Deadline shared the outline of the plot as “two hapless pothead beach-bar operators who run into trouble when they stumble across stolen loot that they really should have just left alone.” Pete Davidson has been cast as one of the operators alongside a stellar star cast consisting of Orlando Bloom, Naomi Scott, Franz Rogowski, and Sean Harris.

Did Kim Kardashian take a guilt trip?

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are easily the most unexpected couple of Hollywood and despite their relationship starting out as a casual fling, they have gotten serious over the months since the fall of 2021. The comedian even confessed on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart, that it’s his dream to have kids, sparking off speculations of him and Kim moving a step ahead which the Kardashian sister shushed by claiming that after 4 kids with her ex Kanye West, she wants to focus on her law degree instead of another baby. Pete Davidson had said on the show:

“[I’m] definitely a family guy. My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid. That’s, like, my dream. Yeah and so it’s, like, super corny. It would be so fun dress up a little dude, like, or you know, like, you saw it’s just, like, I’m so excited for, like, that chapter. So, like, that’s kind of what I’m just preparing for now, is trying to be, like, as good of a dude and develop and get better so when that happens, it’s just easier.”

With Pete Davidson ready to become a father and Kardashian refusing at the age of 41, conjectures of an impending split owing to different priorities and the age difference have been making the rounds for quite some time. Is it possible that Kim Kardashian is actually taking a guilt trip to rekindle and clear the air?

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People are tired of the Kardashian shenanigans

Guilt trip or not, whatever the intention people simply don’t care about this ship anymore. Most people across Twitter are asking how this news is even relevant to them and others refuse to give Kim Kardashian an easy pass for being the hypocrite that she is. The fact that she has 4 kids and still leads this unbothered and careless lifestyle financed by her crazy money while she goes on to make ludicrous statements like“Get your f***ing a** up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days” for people who actually have to earn a living is enough to garner a lifetime worth of flak, and deservedly so.

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The Kardashians’ so-called compassion for the environment was also called out by netizens.

We hope that the next time Kim Kardashian decides to comment on people’s life struggles, she takes notice of the massive privilege she has been exploiting forever.

Source: Elle

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