When Their Universe Is Destroyed, The Infinity Stones Cease To Function

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has evolved from a single film to a never-ending stream of media output. We believed that after Avengers: Endgame, the franchise would take a break. However, the creative minds at Marvel Studios have changed gears and accelerated. This is obvious in Marvel’s recent What If…? program on Disney+. The program is about other universes, and the conclusion features the return of the infinity stones. It was also accidentally disclosed that when their universe was destroyed, the Infinity Stones ceased to function.

When Their Universe Is Destroyed, The Infinity Stones Cease To Function
When Their Universe Is Destroyed, The Infinity Stones Cease To Function

The fans have been confused by the stones’ uneven handling. u/Doc Hobb, on the other hand, has a hypothesis that he put in Reddit Fan- theories. Have a look:

“So, lately it’s seemed like with What If? and Loki, there isn’t a set rule for Infinity Stones and where / how they work. In Loki, there’s a mass of depowered Infinity Stones that we’re led to believe don’t work outside their own universe. This belief, I think, is partially due to the fact that in the comics that is the rule. And as we’re shown, all the ones in the TVA are effectively useless.

Loki and the infinity stones
Loki and the infinity stones

u/Doc Hobb proposed a different theory for What…If?

A Comic Where Loki yielding The Infinity Gauntlet
A Comic Where Loki yielding The Infinity Gauntlet

We have now, What If? Where we’re seeing certain characters use Stones outside their own universes and it’s wreaking havoc. In reality, it can probably be accounted for by a simple lack of rules between canons but I have a theory I think works for both of these. The infinity stones stop working when a universe or timeline is pruned/destroyed. In this case, each time they pruned a timeline, the source from which those stones drew power is now gone and we’re left with just rocks.”

After Their Universe Is Destroyed, The Infinity Stones Cease To Function:

All the infinity stones in loki series
All the infinity stones as shown in Loki series

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s use of narrative devices has consistently irritated fans. There is a great deal of plot convenience going on. With the release of What If…?, it appears that this has finally made its way to the surface. The notion that the Infinity Stones do not operate in the TVA was presented to us in Loki. The TVA crew demonstrated how they might be utilized as paperweights. This was due to the fact that they had no electricity on this plane.

Loki Explaining The Infinity Stones
Loki Explaining About The Infinity Stones

We thought that this meant that the Infinity Stones, or a certain collection of them, couldn’t be used outside of their home realm. However, What If…? has refuted this hypothesis, leaving us in an odd situation. Because, as soon as Ultron utilized the stones in The Watcher’s domain, he altered the laws that Loki had established. Because the stones are active and strong everywhere, it begs the issue of why Loki didn’t steal one and utilize it to flee while on a mission. So, the above-mentioned theory may hold the solution to this query.

The Infinity stones
The Infinity stones: Space, Mind, Reality & Power

The presence of the cosmos, not the positioning of the stones, according to the Redditor, Doc Hobb. This  is the common denominator between the power of the stones and their use. As a result, for the stones to exert their power, the original timeline must still be alive and healthy. When the TVA prunes/destroys a timeline, the stone’s abilities are severed and no longer usable by anybody. This implies that when their native chronology is erased, they basically become paperweights.

What are the Rules?

 'What if… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart and Not His Hands?
Marvel What… If? ‘s Strange Supreme

We’re curious if the authors are aware of the flaws they’ve introduced. One criticism levelled at this hypothesis on the mode of the stones is that Strange Supreme retains control of the time stone even after his reality is “destroyed.” We’d want to remind everyone that Strange Supreme’s universe is still intact inside the pocket realm he constructed, thus the stone’s power source hasn’t been entirely cut off. This implies that the infinity stones will only stop operating when completely destroyed.

Infinity Stones Stop Working When Their Universe Is Destroyed
Infinity Stones Stop Working When Their Universe Is Destroyed

What exactly might be their source of power? Please share your opinions in the comments section below. We’ll see you in the next post, guys, but don’t forget to keep reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for gaining a deeper peek into the entertainment business, new movies and TV shows, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ve got you covered on all fronts. For more, keep reading Animated Times.

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