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Where Is Thanos In Avengers: Endgame?



The Super Bowl TV spot for Avengers: Endgame just dropped and fans are excited to see all new footage of the very foreseen MCU film. Be that as it may, one individual was prominently absent from the trailer: Thanos. Where is Thanos?

One of the most smashing minutes in Avengers: Infinity War was the point at which the end credits advised us that “Thanos Will Return.” Considering that’s a spot that is typically held for heroes, this minute was confirmation that the film’s villain truly won the day, which was a real first for the MCU. This makes us ask why he’s not progressively prominent in the ads and where he could be currently.




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This trailer is avoiding one major element. Me. 😈 #teamthanos

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We’re not the only ones who saw the absence of Thanos in the trailer. The actor behind the character, Josh Brolin, shared the new promotion to his Instagram but had a few words about Thanos’ nonappearance.

“This trailer is staying away from one major element,” he composed with the hashtag #teamthanos.

Not only was Thanos totally missing from the new TV spot, but he was scarcely seen in the main trailer that dropped back in December. The only glimpse we got of the Mad Titan was his hand as he strolled through a field.

Thanos: Marvel Studios
Thanos: Marvel Studios

There’s a decent possibility Thanos is sitting tight, absorbing his triumph from Infinity War, however, we envision he’s still got an important role in play in the upcoming film.

Amid the new advertisement, Rocket and Thor seem, by all accounts, to be in a grassy area that resembles the spot we last observed Thanos.

Here’s Rocket in the new advertisement:

Endgame: Rocket Racoon
Endgame: Rocket Racoon
-Marvel Studios

Here’s Thor:

Thor: Endgame
Thor: Endgame
-Marvel Studios

And this in a picture of the Thanos scarecrow from the primary Endgame trailer:

Thanos: Endgame
Thanos: Endgame

This makes us think about whether Rocket and Thor are set to find Thanos.

While the Thanos footage has been rare, we have been sufficiently fortunate to piece a few things about the character together. A month ago, another Endgame toy gave us a look into the character’s closet.

Thanos is altogether heavily clad up and is bundled with a substantial bladed weapon. Amid Infinity War, Thanos dumped his armour, so its fascinating to see that he may suit up again.

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