‘Where Supes gets up after being floored by the World Engine…’: Henry Cavill’s Favorite Man of Steel Moment Proves He’s a True Zack Snyder Fan

Many DCEU fans agree that  Henry Cavill is a compelling Superman interpretation and recently, the actor opened up about his favorite scene from the film that made him Superman and talked about his personal experiences on set. The actor also revealed that there is a moment in the movie that he really loves to watch.

Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder
Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder

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Zack Snyder and the Man of Steel actor once joined via Vero social app for a Man of Steel watch party and answered some mostly-asked questions in a  Q & A session with fans. During the discussion, the Superman star expressed his experience shooting the film and answered fan questions revealing one of his best moments in the movie.

Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill Were Reunited for a Man of Steel Watch Party on Vero

Henry Cavill's Man of Steel
Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel

According to Henry Cavill, playing Superman really changed his life and the journey is very inspiring for him and his life. While joking and laughing throughout the Q & A session the actor expressed:

“That was a massive shift for me, and I remember so much of it…in very, very exacting detail, It was a massive, massive journey for me, and I still love watching that movie. And I will remember those days until the very end for me.”

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We know that, without Henry Cavill as Superman, the DC Extended Universe wouldn’t be where it is today. From Man Of Steel to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, his journey inspired not only him but many of his fans. And with all the talks, fans have been wondering if he will ever make his comeback to the DCEU or not.

Henry Cavill Reveals His Personal Favorite Scene From Man of Steel

Henry Cavill's favorite Man of Steel moment
Henry Cavill’s favorite Man of Steel moment
Henry Cavill talked about the moment that he personally loves to watch and that is, the scene from the Man of Steel in which Superman flies into the World Engine’s gravity beam to destroy it. He added:
“I think what I loved watching the most was that really cool moment where Supes gets up after being floored by the World Engine, and then just slowly, slowly standing up through the gravity beam, and then just nails it, That turned out really really cool. But there are so many cool scenes of the movie, it’s tough to pick just one.”
This moment proves that Superman will stop at nothing to defend Earth and it’s his favorite pick for a perfect Superman moment. The way he expressed shows his joy is genuine, it’s clear that he loves playing the role of Superman and that he was living a dream in this scene. And with the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the actor got the opportunity to play even bigger moments that prove he deserves more movies.
Shreeparna Das
Shreeparna Das

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