While Apple Is Making A Godzilla Show, Netflix Eyeing For A Live-Action King Kong Show

It has been quite some time since Legendary Pictures attempted to make the MonsterVerse a real thing for some time now, and after the success of Godzilla and the return of King Kong to the big theaters in 2014, kaiju are now making their way to the small screen in a forthcoming series, premiering on Apple TV+.

As the studio is just not satisfied with featuring the King of Monsters, the untitiled series is set after a huge fight between other Titans and Godzilla, revealing new info that links the attacks of the monsters; attacks to an organization named Monarch.

What Is The Monarch?


In case you have been living under the wall and do not know about MonsterVerse, Monarch has appeared in many recent King Kong and Godzilla films dating back to Godzilla, with Monarch, serving as the multi-national organization that oversees the tracking and research of MUTOs (also known as massive unidentified terrestrial organisms).

While neither Legendary or Apple has given a greenlight yet for a cast list or a potential release date for its Godzilla series, the series will be directed by showrunner Matt Fraction and Chris Black (Star Trek: Enterprise, Outcast), who is well known for his writing on the 2012’s Marvel’s Hawkeye comics.

However, the huge deal for kaiju-lovers is that the forthcoming Godzilla show on Apple TV+ will be the very first live-action show set in the MonsterVerse, becoming only the second television show after the forthcoming Skull Island anime on Netflix.

An Insider Report Suggests A Live-Action King Kong Series

King Kong
King Kong

According to an insider report, Netflix eyeing a Live-Action King Kong series is also on its way to the streaming giant.

While MonsterVerse is shifting between animation and live-action on Netflix, the franchise is expanding in a brand new direction after its theatrical run.

Going by the new reports, Godzilla vs. Kong saw the giant ape leaving Skull Island, this new rumored live-action Netflix show on King Kong will see his return and it is possible that the two giants might collide once again on the small screen.

Why We Need A King Kong Series More!

Kong: Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island

Many fans believe that Kong: Skull Island is still arguably the best MonsterVerse film. The film feels quite enjoyable, as even most human characters don’t seem to annoy like the ones in the other three other MonsterVerse movies featuring Godzilla. And it is certainly one of the best King Kong films. 

Many Kaiju fans also believe that Godzilla could probably use a break in America. And if Wingard could helm a film like Kong: Skull Island, then the MonsterVerse might feel fresh again.

Here’s the tweet:

Skull Island anime will develop the strange location much further, which was last shown in the 2017 movie. While it isn’t clear when in the timeline of MonsterVerse Skull Island is going to take place, it seems very likely that it will be after the events of the movie itself.

Skull Island will have some entirely new characters, so fans should not expect to hear Larson or Hiddleston lending their voices to the anime.

There still might be some references within Kong: Skull Island, especially in the case of Reilly’s Hank Marlow. He has lived on the island for years before thebeginning of the movie, and he did leave a huge mark on the area. All being said, there are various possibilities for where this upcoming Kong: Skull Island project can take us, and it will be interesting to see how it impacts the MonsterVerse.

We do not know how this new Apple TV+ series is going to tie into the pre-exsiting existing MonsterVerse films – particularly Godzilla vs. Kong which saw the big Monster team up with King Kong to fight a range of foes both modern and ancient. Whatever the way forward might be, it seems an exciting time for all King Kong and Godzilla fans.


Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee

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