“White privilege at its finest”: Robert Downey Jr. Gets Slammed For Housing Disgraced Actor Armie Hammer At One Of His Houses, Fans Say Iron Man Star Going Way Ahead To Help Certified Psychopath

Armie Hammer is easily one of the most controversial names in Hollywood at the moment. The actor has experienced a virtual end to his career ever since allegations of rape and sexual abuse against him came to the fore. And now his dark secrets, and that of his family too, are on display for the whole world to see in the Discovery+ documentary series House of Hammer. 

It is safe to assume that such serious accusations against him by more than one victim backed by evidence as well, make his moral standing dubious at least until the accusations are proved in court. In consequence, his actions need to be questioned as well, and blind support doesn’t seem like the right way to go but Robert Downey Jr. has picked that very lane.

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer

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Armie Hammer shacking up at one of Robert Downey Jr’s houses

According to Page Six, Robert Downey Jr. still is a source of constant support for the Call Me By Your Name actor. Last year, the Iron Man actor paid for the 36-year-old’s rehab in Florida, as reported by Vanity Fair. And now, Hammer is residing in one of the 57-year-old actor’s “extra houses”.

Robert Downey Jr. and Armie Hammer
Robert Downey Jr. still supporting Armie Hammer amidst numerous rape and abuse allegations

An insider revealed that “He’s sober and has been spending a lot of time with good friends and with his kids.” Hammer was recently spotted around Venice, California.

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The actor is under severe investigation

Armie Hammer currently faces a hoard of problems. One of them is an investigation by the LAPD, as filmmakers told Page Six that a Los Angeles prosecutor has been “specially assigned” to investigate the rape claims made against Hammer by a former partner, Effie, who had said back in 2017 that, “I thought he was going to kill me”. She claimed that she was raped for four hours in LA by Hammer.

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer’s former partner, Effie came forward with rape allegations against the actor

The Social Network actor denied all the accusations claiming that the sexual act was nothing but consensual. LA county’s DA office told Page Six via their spokesperson that “a specially assigned prosecutor is working with law enforcement as they continue their investigation.”

House of Hammer is already garnering quite a lot of shock. Although Hammer himself hasn’t addressed the docuseries or said anything about it, sources have said that “he is plotting a comeback.” Industry sources believe, “The Hammer machine is in full effect… He’s waiting for the claims to go away. He can’t do anything until that’s done,”

House of Hammer is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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Source: Page Six

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