Who Is Kathryne Padgett – The Woman Internet Now Calls Jennifer Lopez’s Successor

Alex Rodriguez may not have the same glow and personality he once had when he was in his twenties, but that’s not stopping him from getting snuggly with a beautiful new girl. The A-Rod of today is rumored to be dating a fitness model and her name is Kathryne Padgett. He is currently filming a gateway to Italy. But apparently, none of the footage shows the A-Rod with his new love interest post breaking up with Jennifer Lopez.

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Fitness model Kathryn Padgett
Fitness model Kathryn Padgett

Who Is Kathryne Padgett?

She was born and raised in Texas, United States. She’s a model and not just a supermodel but she’s also a fitness expert. In fact, she participated in several competitions of the National Physique Committee league. Ms. Padgett is also a businesswoman since recently; she became the nutritional director of her own company: Doyle Sports Performance. Totally related to this world of sports, her relationship with Alex Rodriguez can be very compatible because of their passion for the sport.

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Kathryne Padgett
Kathryne Padgett

She Lives With Alex’s Children

Model and businesswoman Kathryne Padgett is currently living with Alex Rodriguez’s children, Ella and Natasha. With that being said, born and brought up in Texas, the fitness model is a University of St. Thomas graduate. While being in college, she used to play soccer and that’s when she decided to go ahead with her passion for sports. In fact, both Alex and Kathryne love to play golf, something that brought them close.

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Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett
Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett

The Internet Is Calling Padgett Jennifer Lopez’s Successor

Over the weekend, Padgett shared a series of photos she took in Italy (with Alex). “Italian summer nights,” the model wrote on her Instagram.

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