Who is Lil Cam – Alleged 16 Year Old Murderer of Migos Rapper Takeoff Taken into Custody in Houston, Has Already Been Disowned by ‘Black Twitter’

Migos rapper Takeoff was fatally shot in downtown Houston at a private party. The Houston Police Department has been investigating the murder. Recently a video surfaced on the Internet, which showed the events before the Migos member was killed. The video shows another Migos member Quavo getting into an argument with someone and Takeoff was seen standing near him.

Rapper Takeoff shot to death
Rapper Takeoff shot to death

When the police department was unable to move ahead with the case, fans expressed their frustration. They claimed that the investigation into the murder of beloved rapper Takeoff seems to have gone cold. However, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said that is not the truth and they are moving ahead with the investigation. 

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Houston Police Arrested the Prime Suspect for Takeoff’s Murder 

The footage that was released on the Internet showed someone with a gun standing near Takeoff. The person was allegedly seen in a yellow hoodie. However, it is still not clear if that person was the shooter, but he allegedly became one of the suspects in the case.

The video obtained by TMZ showed an argument that reportedly proceeded to the shooting followed by the sounds of gunfire and people running. Houston police have reportedly arrested a 16-year-old rapper and producer for the shooting at the Bowling Alley. 

Lil Cam is allegedly the prime suspect in Takeoff's murder
Lil Cam is allegedly the prime suspect in Takeoff’s murder

The police arrested Joshua Cameron, also known as Lil Cam, for a felony charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon. The arrest was made last week and he has been in the custody in the Harris County jail since his arrest on November 22, 2022. 

However, Lil Cam is still a suspect and the detectives are reportedly questioning him about the Takeoff shooting. This was not the first time the 16-year-old was arrested. He was out on bail for a previous felony and was released in April 2022. 

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Who is Joshua Cameron, aka Lil Cam?

Last week Houston Police arrested Lil Cam. The police department has not said anything about his involvement in the Takeoff shooting. However, they are reportedly questioning him about the shooting at the Bowling Alley. Joshua Cameron, aka Lil Cam, is a rapper, producer, and composer and was also a member of Mob Ties Records.

Lil Cam
Lil Cam

He was arrested last week for the possession of a gun. “Black Twitter” has accused the founder and CEO of Mob Ties, J Prince Jr, of having something to do with his Takeoff’s murder. However, he has not said anything about one of his members allegedly being involved in the murder case. 

The arrest is made on a violation of the terms of his existing bond but Lil Cam could face more charges if the police found him connected to the shooting at Houston bowling alley.

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