Who is Roberto Piazza – Argentine Designer Audacious Enough To Reject Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is known all over the world for her acting, singing, and killer dance moves. The Latina star has millions of fans who stay updated on her every move. She also recently released a documentary on Netflix in which she talked about NFL and how they restricted her political message. JLo also shared other intimate details about her life that helped fans sympathize with her. It is no doubt that a celebrity as big as her cares a lot about what she wears. In the past, JLo has garnered much attention for her fashion looks, such as her green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards. There are plenty of designers who are willing to custom design dresses for her. However, there is one designer, Roberto Piazza, who refused to alter his dress for JLo.

Roberto Piazza shares why he rejected JLo’s request to wear his dress

Jennifer Lopez

Roberto Piazza is an Argentian haute couture designer. In a recent interview for TV America in Argentina, the famous designer revealed the dress JLo wanted and why he chose to decline her offer. The designer stated,

“She wanted a chiffon dress: divine chiffon, very retro, very Hollywood, very tight but lined. She wanted the same dress but for me to remove all the lining. Although I love López, I say: if I put one of my girls half naked, they’re going to criticize me badly.”

The designer’s statements prove that the decision was nothing personal, and it was mainly because he wished to avoid being criticized.

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Robert Piazza’s past has been full of criticism

Robert Piazza
Robert Piazza

Robert Piazza’s need to avoid criticism is probably a result of his past. The designer identifies as gay, and his televised civil union in 2008 with his husband, Walter Vasquez, garnered him much criticism from the Argentinians. Talking about the widespread criticism that he and his husband received, the designer stated,

“The people hated us, and they insulted us anonymously. People are cowards. There was a popular photo [used in the media] in which we were giving a little innocent kiss, and people said that it disgusted them. But if I am having a civil union, at the very least I am going to kiss him [Walter]. I am not going to shake his hand.”

Moreover, the designer was also subjected to homophobia by Mirtha Legrand on a popular talk show. Mirtha Legrand asked Robert Piazza if he would feel enticed to sexually abuse a child if he chose to adopt. The question was extremely vile and insensitive, considering that the designer was subjected to sexual abuse for over a decade by his brother when he was a child.

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Roberto Piazza says art helped him heal from traumatic childhood

Robert Piazza
Robert Piazza

Talking about moving on from his challenging past, the designer stated,

“Many people ask how I have healed. It is a day-to-day struggle. I always explain that the only salvation is art. Even though my dad did not approve, I dedicated myself to the art of women’s fashion.”

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The designer’s struggle did not stop him from gaining success. He has written two books, the first of which was Corte y Confesion. The book is a bestseller and tells the story of the designer’s experience of being abused as a child. Moreover, the designer also started an organization to fight against child sexual abuse. Due to his efforts, the Argentinian court increased the time that children can bring their abusers to court.

Source: Huffpost and Marca

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