The Clown Prince of Crime, Joker, is easily the most successful of villains. He is the only one to have a blockbuster movie to his name. Who do you think would be the best nemesis for Joker if he had access to the superheroes in the MCU? Read on to find out our choice of a nemesis for Joker from the MCU (with good reason).

Batman Vs. Joker

Batman Vs. Joker
Batman Vs. Joker

Before we tell you about our choice, let’s discuss why Batman makes such a great enemy to Joker. Joker has an extremely twisted, horrifying sense of humor. Batman, on the other hand, has a brooding nature. Batman loves justice and order, while Joker hates the system. They make such good enemies to each other because they are essentially opposites to each other.

Best Nemesis Candidate from the MCU

 Moon Knight
Moon Knight

How about changing things a bit, and selecting a nemesis that is like Joker rather than his opposite? Joker’s tricks are geared towards breaking down the psychology of a person. Defeating him requires more than brute strength. What about a superhero that can actually think like Joker if he wants to? Our choice for the best nemesis for Joker is the cloaked Avenger Moon Knight

. The superhero struggles with multiple personalities and amoral inclinations himself, so he is in a position to understand Joker’s mind.

Kevin Feige announced at the D23 Expo that Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series Moon Knight is in development stages. How we would love to see Joker make an appearance as the nemesis to Moon Knight in the series!

Let us know in the comments section below who you think is ideal as the candidate for the best nemesis of Joker from the MCU!

Have you watched the ferocious performance of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker? Check out the official trailer here.

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