Why a Joker Show on ‘DC Universe’ would be a success

The Joker is probably the most iconic character in the world, his taken on many identities over the decades and will be known as Arthur Fleck in his own solo movie staring Joaquin Phoenix released this October. Although the clown Prince of crime may be overcrowded in the DC World appearing recently in Gotham, Suicide Squad and Joker and each clown is portrayed by a different actor! This may seem slightly…. Crazy but here’s why DC should get one more clown.

We think he would be a match for the DC Universe streaming service for a number of reasons, every live action show that the service provided are for an adult group, Titans, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing all have inappropriate scenes, Swearing and incredible violence. An R rated Joker show would be amazing, if you read Comics that feature the clown Prince of Gotham you know how dangerous and brutally he can be, 9/10 times this was not shown in the movies due to PG13 ratings, if his standalone movie is R rated we hope to see this more dangerous joker. DC Universe is currently only available in the US, many Europe residents have spoken out for the Service, although Netflix has premiered shows like Titans but DC Universe has hundreds of comic books that Netflix don’t supply, The main reason why DC Universe should be interested in making a live action Joker show is it would a HUGE! Successful show for them, due to only being available in the US the Streaming service isn’t as profitable as they intended, I for one would sign up for a Joker Show, it would also help solo movies, with more non-comic book fans who would enjoy a Joker Show would go and watch a Joker movie (s)

Joker the movie will be released on October, 4 2019 the film is not yet rated

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