“Why are they praying for a wealthy drunk driver?”: Internet Slams Celebrities Pouring Wishes To Anne Heche, Ask To Instead Pay For Woman Who Lost Priceless Possessions in Freak Accident 

The Another World TV show actress Anne Heche is in the news for flying down her blue Mini Cooper on the streets which lead to an accident. The CCTV footage by various outlets shows Anne Heche driving her car rashly down a residential area and crashing into a home. As the actress is getting support from fellow celebs, the house owner is getting help from their community members to build the house again. 

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Update about the house that Anne Heche crashed her car into

Anne Heche
Photo of the house after Anne Heche’s car crash

According to a report by People, the resident of the house “was extremely fortunate” to survive the accident with no injuries, after Anne Heche crashed her Mini Cooper. As the news got over the internet, the Emmy Award winner gained support from many actors in the industry. Unlikely the resident of the burnt house who got no support as everyone was concerned about the Another World actress. 

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The Aftermath of Anne Heche’s car accident 

Anne Heche's car
Anne Heche’s crashed car

As Anne Heche is hospitalized, her reps notified that the actor is “currently in stable condition“. However, the owner of the destroyed house has to raise funds online on GoFundMe to cover the loss of “the place she loves”. As the news got over the internet, netizens slammed celebs pouring wishes for Anne Heche and voiced to look after the woman who lost her home. 

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Netizens support the resident of the house for raising funds

Anne Heche
Many also claimed that the actress was drunk while she was driving

A user posted the fundraiser link and said, “how’s about you donate to the woman whose home was completely destroyed & lost everything” while lending the support.

The same user later posted a video obtained by TMZ and said, “Let’s hope for justice for the victim and that Anne Heche has a speedy recovery so she can serve time in jail and pay restitution and punitive damages.”

Another user claimed that she [Anne Heche] was drunk and sympathized with the resident who lost all her belongings and managed to escape with her pets.

it is sickening. The victims are often forgot”, a user added.

Sadly, after the accident, the resident lost her entire lifetime of possessions, mementos, all equipment for her business including her laptop and iPad, all of her clothing and basic necessities, and all household items, according to the fundraiser. However, the resident with her dogs and turtle were lucky enough to make it out safely when the accident took place. 

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Source: People / TMZ / GoFundMe / Twitter

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