Why Blade needs to be brought in the MCU

As much as the MCU has been flourishing over the past number of years, nothing excites the audience more than the introduction of an all new character into the movies. At the magnificent success of the San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Studios announced Mahershala Ali’s introduction for the role of Blade as a crossover character for at least two potential projects in the Marvel franchise. Blade’s presence in the Marvel Comics dates all the way back to Tomb of Dracula #10 in 1973, making him one of the oldest characters ever introduced. Here is why Blade makes an excellent fit as a crossover at MCU.

Gives the Audience a Versatile Crossover

After receiving an overwhelming response for each and every new genre in Phase 3, it only makes sense to introduce a crossover character like Blade in the Phase 5. Blade is a character different from the content Marvel has given to its audience. He does not resemble any of the existing superheroes. He plays the role of a monster-hunter, derived from his initial enmity with vampires. After the announcement of the Disney+ series and the films coming out in Phase 4, Blade’s crossover would make a perfect fit in the saga. Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch will have no difficulties in fighting Dracula, if they have a character like Blade in handy. There is reason to believe that this superhero is likely to merge well with the movies. Besides, the audience always looks for something new, making Blade an outstanding success.

The Villain in Question

The Villain in Question

For years, Blade has been at war with vampires. Being a member of the Midnight Sons and other supernatural team ups, the character has slowly evolved to becoming an all-purpose monster hunter. He is more than eligible to star in Disney+ series before the Phase 4 even comes out, for the simple reason of a common villain. Vampires are one of the scariest and most threatening villains to have been showcased since Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1897. They have appeared in almost every Marvel movie, only adopting a different fashion in each. Due to the versatility of the villain, there is no reason to not bring it in the upcoming MCU franchise. Who better to fight this evil plot than a hero like Blade?

Response by the Fans

Response by the Fans

Coming onto the last and most important reason, Blade is a character tremendously loved by his fans. The original Blade trilogy gained a lot of popularity, outperforming all the expectations from the character. For a lot of reasons, the audience really enjoyed how the character was showcased. They loved the entire concept of his existence, which was further evidenced by the overwhelming response received subsequent to the announcement of his contribution as a crossover. If Ali continues doing as well as he is now, maybe his upcoming crossover could get him a third Oscar too.

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