Why DCEU Refuses To Make Light-Hearted Superhero Comedies

DC Extended Universe has its own genre and often has dark comedy in terms of other superhero movies. All the previous movies in the DCEU had the same pattern and had very few light-hearted superhero movies. Unlike comedy juggernaut movies that MCU has, DCEU focuses on a cohesive cinematic universe. With Super Man: Man of Steel, DCEU marked its first film and fans have been comparing it with the marvel movies. Reportedly, Warner Bros. Wants To Hire Someone Like Kevin Feige For The Future Of DCEU

Light superhero comedies often divert the audience or do not focus on the main plot of the movies. In DC comics, the characters had hilarious jokes but DCEU seems to be in a different genre. Let’s have a look at Why DCEU Refuses To Make Light-Hearted Superhero Comedies.

DCEU is much more character-oriented 

Some of the main protagonists in the DCEU are Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash and Wonder Woman

The past movies in the DCEU had a character origin story. These movies have been very serious about the plot and story. DCEU provides more iconic in terms of characters establishment and has a stronger cinematic value for the superheroes. DCEU tends to emulate the Dark Style/Theme from the 80s Comic books. 

What if we tell you Joshua Borlin was also about to play Batman

Iconic DC characters which the world looks after

Batman, WonderWoman and Superman are iconic characters of DCEU
Within the DCEU we have seen the character development of these characters

DC has iconic characters that fans consider to be the best superheroes. It becomes a moral responsibility of the production to not show characters doing lame jokes and doing any stupid slapstick comedy. With Demi-God and Heroes carrying the metaphorical weight of the world on their shoulders will not look nice doing random lame things.

Villains in the DCEU have much more than fighting the protagonist

With great strategies, DCEU villains have much to offer that engages the audiences.

In all the previous DCEU movies, villains had a significant role that the world can not forget. Be it The Joker, Riddler, Bane, Peacemaker, Steppenwolf, etc had a story of their past experiences which could not be presented in a light-hearted comedy. Fans needed to know the origin of their pain and dark comedy sought to be the only way. 

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Dark Tone of the DCEU movies provided a lot of money to the DC and Warner Bros.

DCEU made a lot of movies with their same formula of dark movies

The Dark Knight trilogy made a lot of money and DC and Warner Bros. played safe to adapt the same formula and try less experimentation. Many people forgot that the Arrowverse started the same way and the first few seasons of The Arrow were very Dark.

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