Why Deleting The Batman Arkham Scene Makes More Sense

A video clip featuring more insight into director Matt Reeves’ vision of The Batman has just been released online. It highlighted bit information about Reeve’s version of Robert Pattinson. It also echoed the Dark Knight’s relationship with Barry Keoghan, the Joker. The clip, which was posted in Rataalada, is just another example of the intense thirst for knowledge Batfanatics have acquired after an overwhelmingly positive first look at Reeves’ powerful new project that makes it seem as if Keoghan is actually Joker and Batman’s illegitimate son.

The Batman Deleted Scene
The Batman (2022)

The Batman: Deleted Arkham Scene

Batman fans are being challenged to crack three new riddles (on Rataalada) to unlock a special deleted scene. The first riddle reads as follows:

To wit: A wild card in the truest sense; and the answer is given as “Joker.”

Then we had,

Once you’ve been set up, it hits you at the end; followed by the answer of “Punchline,”

And finally, we had

It’s not a joke but sometimes you need to shout it twice to really mean it. The answer for this one was as “Ha.”

The deleted scene is equally captivating. But, it makes sense as to why the scene landed on the cutting room floor since it leans a little heavy on explaining The Riddler’s somewhat mysterious background and mindset. The 5-minute scene sees Robert Pattinson’s Batman going to visit the Joker in Arkham. This snippet reveals that they’re celebrating the 1st birthday of that fateful first meeting between these enemies.

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The Batman Deleted Scene: Batman Arrested Someone Who Could Help Him Out

In the theatrical cut of the film, we see only the moment in which Reeves’ version of the Joker meets Fox’s Riddler on his way to Arkham Asylum. The deleted scene provides viewers with the information they might have already been interested in before seeing the film, showing that Batman has arrested someone who will later become an essential part of his life: someone who will help him discover a new side to himself and start becoming a better person. The scene also allows us to get a better glimpse at Joker, including a nasty scar that runs down his right cheek, which seems inspired by Ledger’s take on the character.

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The Batman Deleted Scenes
The Batman (2022).

Warner Bros. is so happy with The Batman’s success that the company already announced two spin-off series coming to HBO Max to expand on the lore of The Batman before it even hit cinemas. The first one will highlight the areas of Arkham Asylum, and the second will dive deeper into how Josh Gad’s incarnation of Oswald Cobblepot managed to gain popularity amongst Gotham visitors and eventually land himself a senate seat as Gotham’s mayor. Thus, deleting this scene was a sane idea. Perhaps because it’d help ideally in setting up the future outline more carefully and freely.

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With all being said, The Batman is now running in your nearby theaters.

Source: Rataalada.com

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