Why Did Only Original Avengers Survive Infinity War? Marvel Finally Gives The Answer!

Infinity War can easily be termed as the best superhero/action movie of this year though it’s early to say if it’s the best MCU movie, specially when we have Avengers 4 coming up next year. Avengers 4 is speculated to be a bigger film than Infinity War. The movie contains even more characters, with many new/old heroes coming in to defeat the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Infinity War had the most number of characters until now; 25. They were placed in a perfect way in the film by the writers making the film a really well balanced thriller. The next movie will introduce new heroes like Captain Marvel and some old ones like Ant-Man and Hawkeye. Infinity War saw the end of half of the heroes but we have to agree, Inifinity War was indeed ended really smartly by the Russos.

It not only ended so many characters but also promised the fans an action packed sequence which will bring those characters back from the dead. Out of all the heroes who are dead, a few are a major part of the New Avengers and the next phase of Marvel. These are Spider-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Even the Guardians perished except Rocket and Nebula and we have another sequel to Guardians of The Galaxy lined up.

Bucky, Sam and Wanda also died and the ones who survived were Captain, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Rocket, Nebula, War Machine and M’Baku. Now if you notice this, all the original six Avengers from Avengers (2012) are alive and will be getting the spotlight. They are ought to be huge in the movie because to the honest, they are the ones who started it. Fans would have lost it if any of these wouldn’t have made to the final movie. The Russos even received death threats for not including Hawkeye in Infinity War. Thankfully, he will have a major role as Ronnin in the next film.

It will nostalgic for all the Marvel fans to see their favourite Avengers teaming up on screen for one last time before most of them leave the MCU on the end of their contracts. President Kevin Feige said in an interview that for a film series like Avengers which has been here for over 10 years and is now going towards its conclusion, which is something rare in such movies, one can easily do the math and realise that it’s the it’s the original Avengers that are left.

Avengers 4’s plot will be highly extensive and will have Captain Marvel stepping into the MCU, so we may not have something repetitive and fans can hope for a different superhero experience.

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