Why Doctor Sleep is The Most Slept Upon Stephen King Classic, Deserves More Love

Doctor Sleep, a book written by Stephen King was released in 2013. It was a sequel to his super hit 1977 novel The Shining. In 2019 it was adapted into a movie and though it didn’t receive much appreciation, it was a really great movie. The movie starred Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance and he did such a fantastic job.

Maybe fans were not sure whether they should watch this film since it had been ages since anyone had first seen the Shining. Now Shining is a prequel to Doctor Sleep and it confused people whether they should watch the movie or read the book. As a result, many ended up skipping this movie. But maybe everyone really got worked up thinking about Doctor Sleep

Performances in Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep
A still from Doctor Sleep

To begin with, THE ACTORS. They are just so great. The actors in the film have gracefully embraced their characters which makes their performances more fantastic compared to the other films. We aren’t saying that they should be getting Oscars for their roles, but some appreciation would do the job. Be it Ewan or any other actor from the cast, they were actually enjoying it. Rebecca Ferguson who plays the villain too did a spectacular job and perfectly portrayed what we expected from as a crazy villain.

Hardcore fans have regarded this movie as one of the best sequels they ever saw!

Story of Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep
A still from Doctor Sleep

While the plot of the story was great, it goes like this: Danny Torrance is still struggling to overcome his traumatic past. He finds a girl who possesses the same gift as him aka the gift of shine. He now has to protect her from the True Knot at any cost.

Now the plot sounds great right, but the way they showed the story was also decent. The film thankfully took some time to familiarize us with Danny if someone hadn’t watched the Shining for years. They also took the footage from the original film just to show where the character was when the shining ended and then sped up to his current version.

Doctor Sleep
A still from Doctor Sleep

The movie did start a bit slow and there was a lot happening which is why it did take some time to invest in it. The ending of the film was fantastic as well. It is really dense and maybe you can call it a bit complex too.

You can interpret a lot and in many different ways. We mean it’s based on Stephen King’s book so it has to be mind-blowing right? Fans have even taken the internet to express their views regarding the movie. Many claimed that the film has perfectly balanced the aspects of horror and has done a great job putting it on the big screen. While some think the movie went way too hard to bring aspects of the original film.

Another reason why the film didn’t do that great at the box office was probably that it came out very quickly after IT Chapter 2 was released. As a result, the film didn’t get enough appreciation it deserved!

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