‘Why Does Every Show Need To Be So Sexualized These Days?’: Netizens Blast The Weeknd, HBO for Overly Vulgar Content in ‘The Idol’ Trailer

The Weeknd is looking to make inroads in a new direction, showbiz. He is set to feature in a series, alongside Lily-Rose Depp. The series, named The Idol, will see the two share a very sensual love affair on screen. Lily-Rose Depp will play the role of Jocelyn, a growing pop star and The Weeknd will play the role of a self-help guru. And HBO Max just dropped the series’ trailer. But the Weeknd’s debut isn’t the only talking point about the series.

The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp share a very complicated relationship in The Idol

The main cast of The Idol
The main cast of The Idol, The Weeknd, and Lily-Rose Depp

Pop star Jocelyn begins to see a phenomenal rise in her renown in the music industry. And it is just when she is on the rise that she crosses paths with The Weeknd. Then the two begin to date each other, but it isn’t your average relationship. Eventually, their love story begins to get more and more twisted.

The trailer shows the two main characters having an intense row during one dinner. In the scene, the Weeknd’s character asks Jocelyn, “Why don’t you just be yourself?” Jocelyn is quick to retort, “Because there’s nothing about me that’s relatable.”

But this is not the only reason why The Idol is in the news.

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The Idol drawing fans’ attention for its vulgarity

A still from the trailer of The Idol
The Idol is making news for being ‘too vulgar’

But the show is making news for another reason, for the sheer number of sexual scenes. The trailer of The Idol made fans wonder whether vulgarity is one of the most important aspects behind the success of any show.

But Twitter was of the view that this was to be expected of Sam Levinson, who is also credited for creating Euphoria, which saw even minor characters get physically active.

Some also attribute its vulgarity to being a product of HBO.

The Idol: Problems apart from being overly sexualized

The Weeknd
The Idol fails to pack a punch, with The Weeknd’s acting being a cause of concern

But some fans have even criticized the trailer for its sheer (lack of) quality. The show isn’t exactly based on a new premise. The idea is somewhat cliched.

While others just had qualms with how bad the trailer looked, be it The Weeknd’s acting or the direction.

The first teaser trailer of The Idol was released on July 17, 2022, and the series is set to be released on HBO Max very soon.

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