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In their very first movie of 2019, Marvel Studios created a sudden and effective entrance with Captain Marvel. The leadoff film for Avengers: Endgame introduced the world to Carol Danvers, while also earning a number of her supporting cast.

Among the fundamental themes of this film deals with friendship as well as the idea of household, whether you are born with it or invent it across the way. Along with also the purest exploration of the theme in Captain Marvel comes in the bond between Carol and her very best buddy Maria Rambeau.

Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers
Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers

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Discovering Herself:

During a conversation with ScreenRant, Marvel Studios manager Kevin Feige talked about the significance of Carol’s relationship with Maria and the reason why they chose to research that bond, instead of feature a romantic relationship in Captain Marvel.

Maria Captain Marvel
Maria Captain Marvel

“Well this was something as we were creating the script and queuing from these comics always, it never occurred to get a love interest,” Feige said. “That is not what the film was about. It had been about Carol discovering herself and developing and making mistakes and being bolstered by her womanly mentors and feminine friends. And that connection with Maria was quite important.”

Kevin Feige’s quotes:

Feige went on to commend Lashana Lynch, the actress who portrays Maria, for attracting a measurement of this personality which connects audiences to Carol’s source story.

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“This was something which was, and honestly I give credit to Lashana who had been amazing and that, and that I do not know whether it is a spoiler or not, but the exceptional structure of this source story that this film has. Originally we were like, is that bond likely to be powerful enough? Are you currently not experienced it in real time upfront when they reach Louisiana? Is it likely to land? And we watched… the audition and the dailies. Oh it is landing there. They are amazing,” Feige added.

It appears like Captain Marvel sequels would continue to research this particular friendship, as Feige himself teased future movies would probably be set previously.

“We wanted to give her own corner of this world, her very own mythology,” Feige said. “While we are not certain about it in the film, there is possibility to comprehend where’s she been this entire time? Why haven’t we seen her ? The solution is disclosed and succeeded at in this film as she had been coping with an enormous, universal battle in another part of this MCU.”

Captain Marvel is currently playing in theatres.

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