Why is DC not attending Hall H?

Last year Warner Bros. And DC easily won Comic-Con, they showed the first teaser for SHAZAM!, Aquaman and many trailers for DC Universe originals such as Tirans. DC fans were excited and expecting many announcements at Hall H, unfortunately it was announced that DC won’t be showing up this year, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins also confirmed this alongside Gal Gadot. Although some fans were happy that Warner Bros. may drop a Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds Of Prey teaser sooner than thought it’s still unknown why DC won’t be attending, unfortunately it may be DC fans fault.

Justice League the Snyder Cut has been growing, with a fan raising over 20 thousand dollars to promote it, (half goes to charity), fans are also demanding on non-DC trailers released by Warner Bros. To #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, If you’re not familiar with the term Snyder Cut allow us to explain.
Original director Zack Snyder had to leave the project during production due to a family tragedy, Warner Bros. Carried on production without Snyder by getting Avengers: Assemble and Age Of Ultron director to do heavy reshoots, it’s estimated that the production cost over 300 million dollars, Snyder stated on his social media account Vero that the third act was completely changed, he also gave away his crazy ending stating [SPOILER] Darkseid boom tubes into the bat cave and kills Lois Lane, this was supposed to be a very important storyline for the future of Superman. He also confirmed that his cut was 3 and a half hours long, this means half of the film was cut. although a Twitter fan has been stating that Warner Bros. Will make an announcement regarding Justice League Ultimate Edition, we can officially shut down those rumours. As for the Snyder Cut it’s unknown if it will ever reach the light of day.

Fans may argue that Warner Bros. Didn’t skip Comic-Con last year, The Snyder Cut has been growing and is being more demanded by fans, with Facebook groups called ‘Release The Snyder Cut’ and large fundraisers to promote it, fans certainly got Warner Bros. Attention. Ray Fisher who portrayed Cyborg in Justice League said “We all hope we see it” Aquaman actor stated “it’s much better than the version we saw” and Snyder himself stated “it’s done, it’s up to Warner Bros. To release it”

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