Why Is Thor Being Stripped? Fans Call Out Hollywood Gender Hypocrisy in Thor: Love & Thunder

The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder, is slated to replace the God of Thunder with his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who will be known as the Mighty Thor, as depicted in the new teaser. Not only that but the man will be stripped naked in front of a crowd by Zeus (Russell Crowe) for a few chuckles.

The MCU might follow in the footsteps of Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor comic book, in which the god of thunder was dethroned by Jane and compelled to work under the name Odinson.

Fans arent happy with the scene where Thor is being stripped.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder – What if the sexes were reversed?

Thor: Love and Thunder

What if the first Thor was a woman who was about to be replaced by a male, and Zeus “accidentally” stripped her of her entire wardrobe in front of an audience? Isn’t that a separate conversation now?

But why is this a distinct topic of discussion? Why isn’t it a negative thing to objectify anyone, male or female? Why is it that ogling is pushed as a complement for guys with amazing bodies, but it is criticised by the filmmakers when it comes to women with amazing bodies?

Are the Actors a Contributor to the Issue?

Wonder Woman 1984

While the production firms and directors are in charge of what we see on screen, the performers have a lot of power and authority when it comes to making modifications to a scene.

Gal Gadot, for example, simply declined to film a scene in Justice League that sexualized Wonder Woman. The scene was originally supposed to show Flash landing awkwardly over Gadot’s torso. The fact that the filmmaker brought a body double, especially for that one scene speaks much about the attitude with which some directors approach these multi-million dollar sets.

Chris Hemsworth must also be held liable in Thor: Love and Thunder for allowing the filmmaker to film such a sequence. Maybe he’s fine with people staring at him lustfully, and it’s the last thing on his mind as long as the Thor series is finally loved and enjoyed, right?

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