Why Many MCU Fans Think That Loki IS Alive

Despite what happened in Infinity Wars, many fans have wondered if Loki actually died in the opening sequence or will he return in Avengers 4. While many feel that Loki is gone for real this time around, some fans feel that he survived Infinity War. It’s not like Loki hasn’t faked his death; having done it twice before, once in 2011’s Thor and later in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World.

However, Thor himself believes in Loki’s death in the film to be genuine but the news that actor Tom Hiddleston will be coming back to reprise the iconic character again in a planned live-action series for Disney streaming service, Disney Play has already fuelled fans.

Loki might have faked death earlier but there was something final about the way his throats was squeezed by Thanos in Infinity War. So, why do fans insist that he could be alive? The Loki series could easily fall somewhere in between his Cinematic appearances than post-Avengers 4.

As stated by Reddit user radkarth, Loki tries to stab Thanos with his offhand in his final moments. The last time Loki used his right hand to attack was in The Dark World, faking his death. Whenever Loki creates an illusion of himself, the doppelgänger is a flipped version of him, meaning it uses the opposite hand.

Loki has projected doubles in Thor, The Avengers and Ragnarok. The filmmakers killed Loki in 2013’s Dark World for good but the character was brought back due to its popularity among fans. This may work in Loki’s favour once again, explaining that Thanos squeezed the life out of a false projection and the theory assumes that Loki managed to survive the Asgard destruction and Thanos’ snap to live another day.

Pointed out by another Reddit user, arhyssolacrmustdie pointed out that all Asgardians on the ship in the opening sequence was either brutally injured or killed except Loki. This establishes the fact that this wasn’t the first time when these two (Thanos and Loki) were meeting, defining a certain history between the two. However, another theory suggests that his appearance might be because he wasn’t actually present there at all.

A slightly more bizarre theory suggests that Loki is actually posing as Bruce Banner throughout explaining why Banner couldn’t turn into Hulk throughout the film. However, there is everything wrong with this theory and we’re certain that this wasn’t the case.

Loki will be there in the upcoming Avengers 4 as the film will involve a lot of time travel. Set photos reveal that the Battle of New York will be recalled from 2012’s The Avengers. It’s possible that the changes caused by the heroes in the past events of MCU will have some effect on the current timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The final possibility is that Loki’s planned live-action series don’t resurrect the character at all. There hasn’t been any official announcement yet and we have no clue how and when the events of the series will unfold. With so many Marvel continuities running, it’s possible that the series is set at any point in the MCU timeline.

Meanwhile, all we can do is wait for Avengers 4 that will feature the God of Mischief once again. Avengers 4 releases in May, 2019.

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