The end credits scene of Infinity War saw Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury sending out a message for Captain Marvel’s help, but didn’t he ever use it before? So far, all we’ve heard are speculations, but the official Captain Marvel Prelude comic tie-in offered some major clues.

Fury met Carol Danvers in 1995 during the events that will be featured in her solo movie. At that time, Fury is a junior SHIELD operative. After their adventure, Carol would probably head back to space and will leave Fury with a modified pager to summon her, when needed. But why did Fury wait for so long to send the message? Why didn’t he call her during the Chitauri invasions in 2012’s Avengers? Or 2015’s Age of Ultron?

This official prelude comic offers some answers. There’s a brief conversation set at the end of Captain America: Civil War, in which Maria Hill and Nick Fury discuss heroes. While Hill seems utterly disappointed with the Avengers, she says, “I’ve heard something else said about heroes,” she observes caustically. “Never to meet them. They’ll only ever let you down.” It’s an observation Fury objects to, and he gives a swift response; “Not all of them.”

“You got one we haven’t called yet,” she asks, clearly curious. “Might be helpful to have a backup plan in case the worst should ever come.”

Known for her observant skills, Hill realised that there’s still another need for calling a hero in play. ”
In case readers are doubting if it was Captain Marvel, Fury ends it with saying, Fury ends it with a simple response; “Nah. If we do our job right, we’ll never be in a position of having to call her.”

This defines the relationship between Captain Marvel and Nick Fury as he believes that Carol Danvers is someone who will never let you down. He views her as the ultimate backup and the reason why did not summon her during the events of Age of Ultron or the attack at New York city is perhaps that he still had faith in the Avengers. But towards the end of Infinity War, the heroes are divided, with many turning into dust and Stark is simply missing.

It’s interesting that Fury holds such high opinion of Carol Danvers and it suggests that she will succeed in earning his trust in Avengers 4.

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