Why Sony SHOULD Give Us Amazing Spider-Man 3 With Andrew Garfield!

No Way Home, despite various counters, brings all three generations of Spider-Men together, with the live-action trio taking on the Sinister Six. Obviously, one of these Spider-Men is Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, with him playing the character in the Amazing Spider-Man duology. Given how the film goes, however, this series of films should not stop at just two.

Andrew Garfield Appeared In No Way Home

No Way Home
No Way Home

Garfield certainly deserves yet another Spider-Man film more than anyone, only to explore his character more after his redemption in No Way Home. This could make the live-action Spider-Verse more of a thing, as well as possibly bring in Garfield as the Spider-Man of Sony’s films.

At one point in No Way Home, Andrew Garfield’s Peter remarks that he eventually stopped pulling his punches and became a much darker figure after the tragic death of Gwen Stacy. This atmosphere is reflected in his appearance, which is more stubble.

Garfield even redeems himself to keep the past from being repeated, however, he saves Zendaya’s MJ from falling in a way similar to Gwen and the “Amazing” Peter even tears up at his successful rescue. This also took place after Tobey’s Peter gave Andrew’s Peter a good pep talk, reminding him in a rather meta way that is actually amazing. Now likely feeling revitalized, Garfield’s Spider-Man may be able to bounce back into the hero he’s supposed to be in a true sequel.

Where Can The Amazing Spider-Man Turn Up?

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man

To not repeat what we all already know, a new third entry in The Amazing Spider-Man should take place after the multiversal events of No Way Home. This way, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is reinvigorated to be a hero and to act as he’s supposed to, even pulling his punches again and no longer being driven by guilt or rage.

This film could show some glimpses of the last few months of Spider-Man acting a bit violently towards criminals, setting up a status quo that he is the current day wants to erase. This could make the movie’s central struggle to be to change Spider-Man’s public image, in doing so focusing more on the “friendly neighborhood” aspect that seems to get lost in the shuffle of aliens, Avengers, blips, and the multiverse.

Will Garfield's Spidey get another shot?
Will Garfield’s Spidey get another shot?

Sony would be wise enough to have the third film be the first true Spider-Man flick in their Spider-Man Universe. This way, they wouldn’t have to reboot Spider-Man again just to have him in the same universe as Venom and Morbius films. Similarly, more violent persona of Spider-Man could be used to explain some of the images that we’ve already seen in Morbius. Graffiti in the film shows that some see Spider-Man as a murderer, and while this might suggest the MCU status quo of him supposedly killing Mysterio, it could also be used in Sony’s universe as a subtle reaction to Andrew’s Spider-Man, who is no longer pulling back his punches and accidentally, even causing someone’s death.

Using Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man would also allow for a fully formed hero, especially given that Tom Holland’s version of the superhero is somewhat starting from scratch. Given Andrew’s age, there’s more chance of Sony resuming the Amazing Spider-Man franchise than Sam Raimi’s series, and given his heroism in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Garfield deserves another shot to prove that he’s an Amazing Spider-Man.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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